What we think and feel has a direct impact on our current and future health and life. For a lot of people stress or anxiety from their daily experiences, such as financial difficulties or family issues, can be the cause of insomnia, as well as other mental health problems. Mental and physical tension can cause unease and you may find that when you attempt to sleep, your mind races and your body feels restless.

Many people find it difficult to let go of worrying or troubling thoughts at night. Trying not to think about something that's bothering is almost impossible. Try to get an annoying pop song out of your head and you'll probably fail. If you have to try to fall asleep, you're probably already suffering from insomnia. Sleep isn't governed by the conscious mind; it's supposed to happen naturally.

We spend our childhood years wishing we were grown ups and most of our adult years wishing we were young again and without grown up problems. Many people don't know how to handle stress properly or try and ignore it which often makes it worse. Surprisingly, daily stress is enough to affect mood, sleep and physical health, since stress hormones and adrenaline can gradually increase inside of us.

A bad day can start from the moment the alarm goes off; you start the day with an argument about bills with the partner, you can't find your car keys, the boss is in a bad mood at work and you've got a severe backlog of paperwork to get through. An effective way in how to beat insomnia is by practicing stress reducing methods and activities.

Stress builds in our systems, and for us to not be able to release it properly we are damaging our health. Sitting down and watching television sounds like it should be relaxing but watching some programs can be stress inducing and affect sleep. This negative energy we can do without. There are however many ways in which we can deal with this.

Sleep is part of life, without it, the body and mind does not function well at all. What many of us don't realize is that what we do in the day affects our ability to sleep. For sleep to come naturally we need to be in a relaxed state and not one of stress and tension. If not, then we have to much built up energy which keeps us awake all night.

To reduce stress it's essential to tackle it when it comes as well as practicing stress relieving activities like meditation and exercise. In a stressful situation, breathe deeply and count to twenty to help you relax. Techniques such as EFT and NLP are also effective at dealing with stress quickly.

Poor sleep habits, and we are all guilty of it, such as sleeping late or sleeping excessively can disrupt your body's circadian rhythm. Sleep may fall out of sync and you may find getting up and going to sleep difficult. One way in how you can beat insomnia is by having a good sleep routine.

Avoid eating big meals late in the evening and avoid stimulants such as caffeine and alcohol which can disturb sleep. An illuminated or noisy clock as well as other disturbances may interrupt sleep. Try to recognize and fix these issues that may have an affect on your sleep.

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