My mom is an elementary school teacher. Her schedule is always slammed and I never understood why! Apparently a lot more goes into the job than just her performance in the classroom. She brings home stacks of papers to check and has lesson plans to write and dissect. Doesn’t it seem like such an easy job though? I used to think so. Growing up I saw it as a profession where she goes to school with the rest of us kids, has the nights off, the weekends off, and the summers! What a perfect job, I want to do that when I grow up! Not completely true. She has 25 little lives to take care of and mold everyday. She has 25 essays to grade and tests and more. She has to hold P.T.A. meetings and has grade deadlines. Are you getting the gist of what I’m saying? She’s a very busy person and can use all the extra help she can get.

Now at my house we use a grocery delivery system and it is one of the most convenient systems we have ever taken advantage of. Our products are delivered right to order. Recently I found out there is actually a program that delivers your teacher needs to your doorstep. My mother was absolutely thrilled upon finding this. That is one less thing she has to worry about. These teacher stores are few and far between where I’m from and the delivery system can really be a life and mood saver.

I suggest it to any of you teachers out there looking to relieve one less stressful event. It’s laid out quite simply. Just go to your chosen site, select your products, and checkout. Select your delivery method and wait! Ah, the internet!

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