In the martial arts, there are a large variety of fighting techniques to choose from. Fighting techniques range from sports strikes, to lethal strikes, trapping combinations, pressure points, joint locks, aerial attacks etc. If you are an average joe, then I suggest that you keep your techniques basic and destructive. Those are the most high percentage techniques for a self defense situation.

In real life, your adrenaline will skyrocket, heart will be racing, muscles will stiffen, and you wont be able to think straight so fancy spin kicks and wrist locks will go out the window. Because of stiffening of your muscles, you will only have access to basic movements. Of those basic movements, you will want to stress moves that are very destructive and doesnt require much practice to master or maintain. In fact, the techniques should only take 15-30 minutes to practice on a heavybag or bob dummy.

Some of the best techniques that will give you the biggest bang for your buck include- the knife hand, palm striking, ear slapping, hammer fist strikes, eye clawing, ear ripping, front kicking the shin or groin, side kicking the knee, round kicking the shin, headbutt, knee to the groin or face, throat crush etc.

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