The Grappler
Grappler litter pickup tools are widely used by DOT professionals and many domestic as well as commercial users. The Grappler features a sturdy aluminum body that makes the equipment rust-free and weather-proof. It comes equipped with wide plastic-coated aluminum tips for picking up trash, which snap shut on the targeted object with a force of up to 17 pounds! Other products in the market can deliver a maximum squeezing pressure of only upto 14 pounds, and on an average 8-10 pounds. But the Grappler is much stronger and capable of picking up heavy objects as well as tiny objects like toothpicks and matchsticks that are generally hard to pickup using trash pickup tools by other manufacturers.

Available in varying sizes, ranging from 24 inches to 96 inches long, Grappler extended reach tools can perfectly suit your requirements. Except for the 24” version, all others come in both, standard and industrial grade versions. 72” and 96” versions are most preferred by professional cleaners and by many commercial customers. And the 33”, 40”, and 48” long versions are our best sellers and a preferred choice for domestic customers.

Handy Bag Ringer
The Handy Bag Ringer is an exceptionally simple trash pickup tool, which you can use to hold the mouth of the trash bag in place, so that it does not wave around as you move to clean large spaces like lawns, parks, gardens, highways etc. Combine this equipment with the Grappler and you have the best portable cleaning solution that will ensure convenient and safe removal of dirt and litter anywhere off the streets, in trees, ditches, canals, yards, farms, shops, etc.

The Handler
We also offer an easy solution for positioning and carrying along 5 Gal. buckets you might need while performing cleaning operations on a large scale. Avoid repetitive movement and save the extra time and energy spent by simply attaching The Handler to buckets of any size, and carrying them as you move along and pickup/collect dead leaves, twigs and trash for disposal. All it requires is a drill to make a few holes in the bucket to attach The Handler with the supplied bolts (its very easy to do).

Our Guarantee
We promise 100% satisfaction upon purchasing the product. If your Grappler is damaged in any way for as long as you own it, you are free to ship it back to us and we will repair or replace it at no charge. All you have to pay for is shipping.Customer reviews across e-commerce sites alone points to the extended durability and highly effective functionality of our products. We manufacture all our extended reach tools and trash pickup tools within the US, and we are the only company that offers a lifetime warranty on our Industrial Grade Grapplers. We are headquartered at 599 East Nugget Avenue, in Sparks, NV. For any queries, you may reach us at (775) 284-8990; or you may dial the toll free number – (877) 212-5803.

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Grapplers Inc. offers the best solutions for professionals and volunteers participating in highway cleanup programs and mass scale city/community waste management operations. We provide simple remedies to facilitate convenient and speedy completion of cleaning tasks. We are known manufacturers of extended reach tools and trash pickup tools since 1992, and our products are considered as the strongest trash pickup tools available in the American market today.