There is very little justice on earth.The people who tell you that an age of awakening and harmony is already present, are either deluded, or they are following their own agendas.At this point of time in the history of humanity,there are many messianic groups operating. This always happens at the beginning of a new millenia. There are no messiahs coming, so do not wait for them. There may be some great teachers around. They usually walk by unnoticed,and if they do get noticed,they usually get crucified. There is more negativity on earth now,than ever before. But,there are also more people living on earth now,than ever before[7 billions],so perhaps some of the negativity is due to the sheer number of people.

According to the mystical traditions of the world,there are always 36 avatars living on earth,who are in charge of keeping the balance of energies on it. These avatars,are fully enlightened beings,who choose to incarnate solely for the purpose of helping humanity. At this time,in the year 2012,there is so much production of negative energies on planet earth,that the avatars can not keep up with it. It is now necessary for us to have at least 42 avatars. It should be noted that the avatars neutralize negative energies on planet earth directly, and may not be involved with people at all. They are very seldom public personalities.Here are some of the words of the avatars:"We are infinity's instruments, in charge of the distribution of Love. Our love manifests itself as creation and destruction. We keep the measurements in balance."

Now,back to the question of justice. The Hindus believe that in times of great imbalance,the goddess Durga comes to the rescue. Durga manifests the supreme power of God,and incarnates solely for the purpose of fighting the forces of evil and destroying the demons,who have led the humans astray. Durga is also known by the names:Shakti [who is lord's Shiva's consort], Parvati and Kali. She is fierce and loving,both at the same time. She is the power behind creation,preservation and destruction.I believe that Durga is with us,at this critical time in history. Similar to the eastern concept of Durga,is the western concept of Anima Mundi- The Soul Of The World. But the Durga is depicted in a more animated proactive manner.

The Incas have their own version of The Great Universal Mother -Pachamama. Pachamama is not happy with the humans right now. There is too much imbalance on earth. She is going to retaliate by creating a Pachakuti- the turning of the soil upside down. A process of great upheaval or revolution. Those who were at the bottom of the social pile,are going to find themselves suddenly at the top of it,and those at the top layer,will find themselves at the bottom. The red race will rise back to it's former glory,and the civilizations that exploited the earth and it's people, will find out that they no longer have the energies required to pursue their goals. This re-balancing may be called justice,or you may call it the karma of groups and nations. So, maybe on the large scale, there is justice after all,but the life span of an individual,may be too short to witness it.

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