What if you felt inspired to Just Show Up For Yourself and Others?

I wonder how much abundance would flow into your life...

When was the last time you made the decision to Just Show Up For Yourself and Others and actually followed through? When was the last time you made the decision to Show up in a new way by starting a healthier pattern or habit? Do you even consider this something important to do in your life? I was talking about this topic in a group and several people asked, "What do you mean by that?" What I mean is to Show Up energetically - when you help a friend, do your meditation, wash the dishes or offer service to your community, bring your attention and energy with you! Give the person, the project or yourself your undivided attention.

Showing Up energetically for yourself and others makes the difference between a joyful, successful life and one that is hassled, heavy and unfulfilling. I know, because I've done it both ways and learned the hard way (yet again).

Once I started learning how to Show Up for myself and others on an energetic level, everything changed in my life for the better. My health improved, my relationships became more fulfilling, my professional life blossomed, it all got better. And I'm not talking about being selfish when you show up for yourself - I'm talking about making a decision to Show Up in an energetic way for yourself and others that will ultimately help everyone. Sometimes you just need to Show Up for yourself first so that everyone can enjoy the benefits.

What does this look like for you in your life to Show Up? It looks like bringing your attention and energy with you whenever you choose a focus. Perhaps it looks like learning how to listen to yourself and others deeply, or taking time to meditate and tap, or committing to a gentle healing practice for yourself. Maybe it means completing that project that's been nagging you for weeks or cleaning the clutter in one small place. Maybe it means you need to call an old friend who needs your "ear", or a relative who could use a friendly hello. Maybe Showing Up means you need to donate your time or give more service in your community. Whatever it is, don't forget to bring your attention and energy with you!

Showing Up on an energetic basis comes in many forms, but it's always emotionally, physically and spiritually healthy for you and everyone around you. People benefit from your aligned and congruent energy. They benefit from someone who's focused and gives them their undivided attention... it's all good!

What's the catch? Not much... you just need to be emotionally present to Show Up or you'll defeat the purpose because if you aren't emotionally and energetically present, then the "you" that needs to be there isn't really showing up after all! You need to be able to listen to your still small voice in order to make the right decision about where and how to Show Up. You need to slow down the internal chatter long enough to hear what the next right step is for you - maybe it's taking a nap, writing a letter, cooking a real meal, or offering a lending hand to someone in need. Maybe it's getting engrossed in a spectacular novel, or just doing the laundry... but whatever you do, be present and bring your undivided attention and energy with you!

People love it when you Show Up for them, and you will love it when you Show Up for you... so start doing it this week - get present and Show Up!

This is yet another one of those little miracle tools to attract abundance - when you actively Show Up for yourself and others, the Universe recognizes that you are serious about your alignment, your self-respect, and worthiness. You can't help but raise your vibration when you Show Up! So go ahead, Show Up for yourself and others and see what then shows up in your life!

We know by now that the Universe hears our vibration not our words. We have all learned from Law of Attraction teachers that we will receive more of what we are "broadcasting" to the Universe. So get inspired to Show Up energetically - you know your vibration will improve!

Remember that our thoughts are real and carry energy...

Our vibration matters!

So I invite you to Show Up and enjoy the changes you will now be pulling into your life.

Your vibration of abundance will improve dramatically when you feel inspired to Show Up For Yourself and Others...

If you think there are any negative consequences to my invitation to Show Up, I invite you to use EFT on your resistance. Ask yourself what is the "upside" of not showing up or hiding behind your overwhelm, clutter or busy schedule, then ask yourself the "downside" of getting what you want - because Showing Up will get you what you want! Then you can treat these "yes, buts" with simple EFT sequences, improve your energy, and become completely congruent with a successful life.

The improvement to your ability to attract abundance when you Show Up will be obvious to you. Here are my favorite benefits to this process: you communicate to the Universe that YOU are worth it! You get energized from being present, and you allow yourself to enter into alignment with what you want. When you bring your undivided attention and energy to each situation you are in, the full YOU can express itself, and the Universe can hear your desires, even if they are in the background.

As Law of Attraction teachers say -- it's all energy. The Law of Attraction sends you situations that have the same energy and vibration you are putting out... so when you start feeling inspired and make the decision to Show Up, the Universe will bring you more opportunities that match this frequency.

It's your choice... Just Show Up For Yourself and Others and enjoy the successes that flow into your life!

Below you will find EFT setup phrases to help you be inspired to release your doubts to being able to attract what you want into your life.

When you change your vibration, you will change your life.

Go ahead, raise your vibration by choosing to Just Show Up...


The EFT SETUP Phrases for this topic are as follows:
While tapping the karate chop spot on either hand, repeat these phrases out loud, (or change the words to fit your exact situation).

"Even though I'm too busy to Show Up, I choose to accept who I am and how I feel."

"Even though it doesn't feel safe to be "present" and Show Up energetically, I accept who I am and how I behave."

"Even though I'm not sure I even know how to Show Up, I deeply and completely accept myself."

I have indicated where to tap while saying each of the phrases below. You may repeat the positive round more than once if you wish. (If you are new to EFT please view a chart of the spots on my web site under the EFT pages.)

***Now for the phrases that focus on the problem***
Eyebrow:"I'm not sure I know how to Show Up energetically."
Side of Eye: "I'm accustomed to running in too many directions."
Under Eye: "I have too much to do to be present and Show Up."
Nose: "What if I don't feel safe when I Show Up with all of me?"
Chin: "What if they don't like it when I Show Up?"
Collarbone: "What if they like it too much when I Show Up?"
Under Arm: "I wonder if I'll like what happens when I Show Up."
Head: "It feels safer sometimes to stay hidden than to Show Up."

***Now for the positive focus on the solution***

Eyebrow: "I'm just afraid to Show Up energetically."
Side of Eye: "But I appreciate myself anyway."
Under Eye: "I want to learn how to Show Up energetically."
Nose: "I intend to Show Up for myself and others."
Chin: "I choose to embrace Showing Up energetically."
Collarbone: "I'm ready and willing to Show Up on an energetic level."
Under Arm: "I appreciate the chance to bring my energy with me."
Head: "I choose to Show Up energetically for all of us!"

Access more positive vibrations with the Law of Attraction by repeating the following phrases (while tapping or not):

Thank You, Universe for teaching me how to Show Up for Myself and Others - I feel more aligned with abundance already!

Thank You, Universe for allowing me to feel safe as I choose to Show Up energetically, I am looking forward to exciting results!

Thank You, Universe for inspiring me to Show Up on an energetic level, I feel the vibrational shift and power already!

Keep tapping, and enjoy using the Law of Attraction to bring more of what you want into your life!

Author's Bio: 

Carol Look is a success and abundance coach in the energy psychology field. Her specialty is inspiring clients to attract abundance into their lives by using EFT and the Law of Attraction to clear limiting beliefs, release resistance and build “prosperity consciousness.” Before becoming an EFT Master, Carol was trained as a Clinical Social Worker and earned her Doctoral Degree in Clinical Hypnotherapy. www.AttractingAbundance.com