The phrase, “I’m so stressed out!” has become so common in our fast paced society. Being able to say, “I’m so busy, I have no time to breathe.” Has become sort of a badge of honor. Wow, you must be so important if you are that busy. Stress is the greatest cause of your body. Chronic stress can damage your heart. Research shows conclusively that the most common day for heart attacks is Monday. In particular, on Monday mornings, since heart attacks occur between 4 a.m. and 10 a.m. There was a study done where two groups of participants were monitored, and those who went to work on Monday morning showed the highest spike in their blood pressure, while others who did not have to work that day remained the same. Another study found that commuting to work could cause additional stress, raising blood pressure. Some people may find that adjusting from weekend mode to work mode too difficult, resulting in stress and anxiety. You can try to reduce the anxiety that you feel on Monday mornings by getting enough sleep Sunday night, starting the day with a good nutritional breakfast, meditating for even five to ten minutes, switching from coffee to herbal tea and avoiding traffic by taking public transportation, or sharing a ride.
Here are some wonderful ways to keep stress at a minimum:
• Keep a calendar and check in with it on a daily basis, that way you know what is coming up and there will be no missed appointments because you forgot. Don’t forget to schedule things that bring joy to your life, such as learning a new recipe, spending time with your family, reading, relaxing with friends, etc. Remember, personal time is vital, especially when you’re under stress. Even if you only have a few minutes for yourself, that time will restore your energy and keep you motivated.
• Say no to things that you just don’t have time for or just don’t want to do. When you’re stressed out, you need to be able to tell your loved ones and friends “no.” People will often try to pull your time away from you with favors such as “Can you baby sit my kids?” “Will you drive me to the airport?” “Can you lend me some money?” If you say “yes” because you don’t want to hurt someone’s feelings, you’ll only end up feeling resentful and stressed out. So don’t feel guilty about saying “no” when the request will put an extra burden on you.
• If your body is healthy you’re better able to handle stress in your life. However, an unhealthy body can cause great stress. Eating a healthy diet, getting regular exercise, getting enough sleep, regular massages and pampering all contribute to being able to manage stress much easier.
• Those with a supportive social circle, or even just one close friend or partner to talk to and lean on in times of crisis, enjoy healthier, less stressful lives.
• Get a pet or consider volunteering at an animal shelter. Doing volunteer work and petting animals are both activities that lower blood pressure and ease anxiety and is effective at keeping your spirits high and your stress low.

As you develop these stress-relieving practices in your daily life, you should experience less stress, and be better able to handle the stress you do experience, leading to a happier, healthy life.

Author's Bio: 

Marla Martenson is a matchmaker/life coach/speaker and best selling author of three books. Marla has been featured on The Today Show, Better TV, WGN Chicago Morning News, San Diego Living and KUSI San Diego Morning as well as countless radio shows.