The one characteristic that all great public speakers possess is passion – intense, driving emotion that colors their speech, their facial expression and their body language. You hear it in their words; you see it in their actions; and, you can feel it in your soul. Their passion can motivate you to bettering your life in some fashion.

Passion can be so captivating in good public speaking that it may hide a mediocre speech or presentation. More than 2000 years ago, Cicero, the great Roman orator, remarked that a mediocre speech delivered with enthusiasm and passion is much more effective than highly-crafted material delivered without passion or emotion.

Is passion something your audience feels from your delivery? Do you stir their emotions? Their reason for sitting in attendance is to be moved by the manner in which you express your thoughts. Otherwise, they could read your speech or presentation and not be bothered attending. Yes, your words are very important but it is your delivery that sells. And that delivery needs to be said passionately, enthusiastically, and with life.

Passion can only be displayed, however, if you believe in what you are saying and want to share that with your listeners. This is one of the reasons I could never speak on a topic which I did not like, enjoy or respect. That was one of the questions asked recently in a public speaking forum. Most people agreed that they could not support a topic with which they did not agree. It was surprising, however, the number who said they could. In my opinion, those who can speak on a topic with which they are in disagreement are either acting or have no ability to be passionate.

How do you create passion? By believing in your topic with all of your heart. Yes, you definitely need your mind involved in the process, but what sells in public speaking is what your heart is saying.

If your ideas, your words, or your product can better the lives of those in your audience, then you must tell them so by ‘allowing’ your emotions to be seen, to be heard, and to be felt.

Stir your audience the next time you speak and watch their reaction. Passion makes for great public speaking; expressing no joy or enthusiasm does not!

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