My two year-old son, Lucky, loves going to the park. Lately, we go to a park darn near every day that the weather permits.

No matter how many times we go it’s always the same routine:

• Head straight toward the slide
• Find and pick up big sticks
• Throw a ball if we brought one
• Look at what the other kids do
• Tell everyone there that the park is his
Ignore me saying, “It’s time to go.”

Then he does the best thing in the whole routine. He climbs up the ladder to the slide saying, “One more, one more.” He doesn’t say it with a pleading tone. He says it matter of fact with THE most charming smile. It’s totally irresistible. I always cave in, ignoring the mommy voice in my head that says, “Say what you mean and mean what you say.” Lucky gets to climb the ladder several more times.

The way Lucky deals with the park is the exact way to manifest more money. He has a laser focus on what he wants, which is more time at the park. He totally ignores anybody who tries to defeat his desire. He does not whine, cry or complain about the obstacle or even plead his case.

Lucky 100% owns his power and gets to stay at the park longer. He knows that his charm and joy attract his mama to do exactly what he wants. Even when I give him extra time he still does the, “One more, one more” bit. He is not ruffled in the least. He wants more and he keeps going for it. When I finally grab his hand to lead him back home, he goes willingly…no resistance.

This kid is determined but not having a tantrum.

Your unwavering commitment to attract more money or profits from your business should be wrapped in an energy of light heartedness. Like Lucky, you will end up getting exactly what you want. Never let anybody stand in your way and beam your joy right at him or her. I bet you’ll have just as much fun in the money game as Lucky does going down the slide.

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