Now, this may take me a little longer than normal because this is something near and dear to my heart. Just having the nerve to want to become the boss, has all types of hidden and unforeseen drawbacks. One of the experiences that you will encounter is a shortage of funds, we all have, and it's not anything that should deter you from wanting to own, be mindful that it will happen. When I'm asked what advice I would give a person who wants to start and own their own Matthew Prinn business, my answer is always the same. Figure what you like and enjoy doing, in other words, what are you passionate about?

Because of the way business works is, you must spend a lot of time with it. And if you are only doing what you are doing for money, you will eventually get tired or frustrated or both. Money is never, in my opinion, a good reason to start a business, the world is designed not to chase money but rather set up businesses that allow money to chase you. The reason so few people get rich working for someone else is that the employer is only going to pay you so much, and that amount is going to be just enough to keep you there and after you realize that you will start to do just enough to keep from getting fired. The cycle is vicious. And just about everyone you know is in that cycle.

OK, back to the journey of a businessman, after you have decided what business you want to be in, start to learn as much as you can about what happens inside and out of that business. Start to build lists; they will become your best asset. List of people you deal with, people you have to repair things, people you trust, people that you want to model your system after etc.. After you are finished with that, and you have started your business try your best to stay away from people who really don't care or don't really want you to succeed. You will know who they are. Once you are in a position that you have everything moving in the direction that you want, continue learning and be patient. Many people I know have gotten out of the thing they loved because the "money" didn't come quickly enough, or they got too far in debt because of some bad decisions along the way. It happens.

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