Good, I have your attention.

Now what do I mean by being a “sellout”?

To achieve anything worthwhile in life, you must do 3 things:

1. Identify your purpose.
2. Identify what it takes to accomplish your purpose.
3. Be willing to “sell out” for that purpose.

By “selling out”, I mean a total abandon of all else, be they thoughts, opinions, other desires, etc. in order to see only ONE goal…the attainment of that particular purpose.
Because goals can be of varying degrees (from the goal of arriving to work on time to the goal of climbing Mt. Everest), there are corresponding varying degrees of “selling out”. If there is an important deadline you must meet at your job, you want to attain the ability to “sell out” in order to meet that deadline. This may mean closing your office door, or using Outlook tools to show that you are busy on your Outlook calendar. More importantly, this also means putting aside all other tasks and projects in order to zero in on your deadline. These are lesser examples of “selling out”.

For the purpose of this article, though, I’m speaking of “selling out” for the purpose of...well, finding your Purpose.

Every minute of every day of your life should be spent towards the fulfillment of your Life Purpose, or at least “selling out” trying to find your Life Purpose. Why?

Because YOUR PURPOSE IS THE REASON YOU ARE ON THIS PLANET IN THE FIRST PLACE. If you’re living life without knowing your Purpose, you’ve basically taken a dive into the shark-infested Atlantic Ocean without a boat, or even a life jacket.

Yes, Life is full of sharks. Gotta find your Purpose to stay afloat and thrive.

Again, I say, if you don’t know your Purpose, then “sell out” and put everything else in the backseat until you find it.

If you DO know your Purpose,(or, at the very least, have a noble idea of doing something that brings you maximum joy without hurting others} “sell out” to accomplish it. Meaning, focus on the steps it takes to achieve your Purpose, and fully immerse yourself in “the journey”. Some of us may not accomplish our Purpose until our last day on earth…therefore, fully immerse yourself in your journey. Your unique journey is just as important as the destination and can be an open book that can help others on their journey for their unique Purpose.

Block out all distractions.

If your Purpose is to become a musician, totally “sell out.” Immerse yourself in lessons, immerse yourself in practice, and immerse yourself in the love of your craft. If your Purpose is to become a physical therapist, “sell out” and devote yourself to schooling… pay attention in class… do all homework assignments given so that you can graduate with honors and become the best physical therapist you can be. These are just two examples, but hopefully you get the gist of what I’m trying to convey.

A jazz musician who once played with John Coltraine was asked what it took to be able to play with such a legend. The musician answered in a hoarse voice, “You got to be willing to DIE for a m…..f…..”

Yep, to accomplish anything worth your breath, you’ve got to completely “sell out”.

We need more “sellouts” in the world. Too many people cave in to the challenge of becoming their Authentic Selves and sink into lives of “quiet desperation” or “deadly conformity”.

Like diabetes, conformity is the silent killer of your Authentic Self.Don’t “go quietly into that good night”…”sell out” and find your Purpose, then “sell out” and start achieving it. Immerse yourself in your journey; immerse yourself in your Personal Joy with reckless abandon.

It was said that a man once asked Jesus what he must do to enter the Kingdom of Heaven. Jesus told him to SELL all he had, give the proceeds to the poor, then leave everything and follow Him.

See? Jesus knew the importance of being a sellout.

Author's Bio: 

C A Crawford, Jr is a certified professional life coach, specializing in the Power of Focus, Career/Purpose, and Relationships. C A has Bachelor degrees in Psychology and Metaphysical Science and is currently working on his Masters in Metaphysical Science. He has spent 17 years in the corporate world as both a team member and team leader, has read many, many, (MANY!) books, researched MANY religious and spiritual topics, tried various forms of yoga, and practices meditation on a daily basis.