If you are going to pass interview, you should know interview etiquette. What hides under the phrase “job interview etiquette”? It means that you should be appropriately dressed for the situation; you should take necessary documents; you should know formal greetings; you should know how to communicate with the interviewer in the formal way and so on.
Let us come to know the main points of job interview etiquette.
How to Dress to a Job Interview
As you know the proverb, first impressions are more lasting. If you want to leave a good impression about you, dress accordingly with business attire. It is important to be tidy, neat to present a good image to employer.
When to Get to a Job Interview
You are to be in time or for a few minutes early, when you are going to the interview. The best variant is to come to the interview earlier, than it is planned. During this extra time you can get calm, check your appearance, prepare all necessary materials.
What to Bring to a Job Interview
If you want to be self-confident during interview, take one more resume, prepare the list of questions to ask the employer. Sometimes, it is necessary to bring your projects, plans to show examples of your work. You are to turn off your cell phone to avoid undesired calls, which can disrupt the interview. Don't eat, drink and chew gum during the interview.
How to Greet the Interviewer
First of all, you should introduce yourself to the receptionist. Tell her the reason of your coming.
Your should greet your interviewer with a firm handshake and introduce yourself. Follow the interviewer demands.
How to Answer the Questions
Before answering the question, be sure that you understand it the right way. It means that you should listen attentively to the questions. Try to give short and clear answers. Remember, you must show the interviewer that you are the best candidate for the vacancy.
Phone Interview Etiquette
Phone Interview Etiquette is as important as in-person job interview etiquette. Your behavior must be the same.
What to Give to the Interviewer
Prepare the copies of your resume, in case, if the interviewer ask for extra one. You should have some recommendations to give them to the hiring manager too.
Finishing the Interview
Coming close to the end of the interview, you must show that you are the right candidate for the position, and you want to get it. You may ask the decision from the hiring manager and about getting the result.
Finally, thank the interviewer.
Send Thank You Note
Don't forget to send thank you note to make a good impression. Also, you will show that you are really interested in the vacancy and company and want to be useful for the company.
Study these tips and pass your job interview successfully. Even if you will not get the position of your dream, you have a great opportunity to show that you know job interview etiquette. Good Luck!

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