After the male semen is discharged from the body, the normal situation presents the liquefaction state. But there are always some exceptional cases, some men's sperm after discharge, even like jelly. In this case, such people began to worry. Semen is not liquefied, are they dead?

Of course not! The naked eye of the human body can not directly see the sperm. Even if jelly's appearance, it can not prove that the sperm have died. Only by observing the morphology of sperm under the microscope can we judge whether the sperm is dead or alive.

After the sperm is discharged from the body, it is liquefied and can solidify into jelly in a short time. The average time for semen liquefaction is 10-30 minutes. Semen is slowly dissolved by an activating enzyme and becomes water-like and can flow.

If it is still gelatinous for more than 30 minutes, it is a sign of delayed liquefaction. But if more than 60 minutes has not been liquefied, it needs to pay special attention. It is very likely that semen is not liquefied.

Why does semen not liquefy?

The most common causes are prostatitis and seminal vesiculitis. The substance secreted by the prostate and seminal vesicle is an essential part of male semen, which plays a vital role in semen coagulation and liquefaction.

The coagulation factors produced by seminal vesicles promote semen coagulation, and semen liquefaction factors such as proteolytic enzyme and fibrinolytic enzyme produced by the prostate promote semen liquefaction. If seminal vesicle or prostate "strike," there are problems, resulting in coagulation factor increase or liquefaction factor reduction, semen is tough to liquefy.

Therefore, when encountering a semen liquefaction situation, people first will check whether suffering from prostatitis or seminal vesiculitis. Once being diagnosed with prostatitis or seminal vesiculitis, active treatment is needed. Generally, in the acute period, patients can achieve a curative effect through antibiotic treatment. If it becomes chronic prostatitis or seminal vesiculitis, it may be difficult to cure, especially for chronic prostatitis.

Because antibiotics are generally challenging to enter the prostate and can not reach the affected area, affecting the efficacy, resulting in chronic diseases. Therefore, many patients began to turn to traditional Chinese medicine treatment, such as Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill. Under the action of guiding medicine, Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill can penetrate the membrane of the prostate. Its effective concentration can reach the lesion directly, remove genitourinary tract inflammation from the root.

Of course, bad living habits and lifestyle can also lead to semen liquefaction or liquefaction difficulties.

At this point, someone may think that if the sperm does not liquefy and does not harm the body, then there is no need for treatment. But it's likely to block your chance to be a dad. Sperm liquefaction is a necessary condition for female pregnancy. Just out of the body, semen flow liquid, which is conducive to sperm in pregnancy sprint.

In a short period, semen will become a viscous state, the speed of sperm movement will be reduced, and semen can protect sperm from female vagina attack. When semen becomes fluid like water, sperm can swim freely, reach the uterus safely and easily, and become pregnant successfully. So when semen does not liquefy, infertility is likely to come to you.

It must be highly valued when semen does not liquefy and affect your fertility. First of all, people should go to the regular hospital for examination and understand the cause of disease before getting the right medicine to the case.

Secondly, people should develop good living habits, ensure adequate sleep, moderate exercise, a balanced diet, and reasonable supplement of zinc, selenium, magnesium and other trace elements. Of course, if the therapeutic effect is not as expected, as long as there are sperm in the semen, artificial pregnancy can be selected.

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