Jealousy is an ugly, unpredictable and worst emotion of fear, insecurity and envy over love and relationship. Even though jealousy is unhealthy, it is but a normal occurrence in every part of the relationship. The perception of jealousy differs from one person to another as it can be stronger to some and sometimes, it consumes them. Now, how can you really say that the jealousy is not healthy anymore? When a person is strongly in love with his partner, he doesn’t know when to stop loving until such time he is possessive and jealousy starts to occur in the relationship.

Is jealousy an indication of love?It is in reality that when both of you have an intense love for each other, jealousy is one part of the relationship. In fact, your heart melts when you know your partner is getting jealous between you and someone or something. Despite negative impressions on jealousy, it can be one tool to keep the love bloom to its finest at some point. Sometimes, over expression of love can lead you to be manipulative and suspicious. And so you need to self-reflect. Sometimes, jealousy is not becoming an expression of love but an expression of negative feelings from self. Worst is, when your partner begins to ask you if you still love him, etc. As such, before entering into a relationship, know yourself first. Jealousy is similar to the concept of salt as an ingredient; too much is not healthy, so as too much jealousy.

Here are some reasons why there exist jealous in a relationship:

1. Low self-confidence. Being doubtful of your capabilities can make you feel more jealous of your partner. You feel that you are no longer worthy to your partner. Now if you find your self lacking of confidence about your self, it's never too late to change.

2. Unsecured. This can make you feel so drown. Having this negative feeling can only make you feel little less of a person. You can easily feel a certain jealousy towards her friendship with her colleagues.

3. Accomplishment. It is normal that you both have works. And the success of one is also the success of the other. But jealousy starts to happen when the partner gets the highest position in the job and gets the better salary than you.

4. Mistrust. Mistrust can happen if the partner gives reason to be mistrusted. At one point, jealousy starts to arise because your partner has done things that are worthy to be mistrusted, so whatever things he may do for work or even going on parties, you get jealous.

5. Apprehension. You feel a certain fright about your partner that he may leave you in a sudden. So when you see him having a good time with work, you get jealous and starts to contact him everyday and every minute.

How can you really be able to deal with the issue of being jealous in a relationship? HONESTY is one big factor. All those valid and invalid reasons for jealousy must be talked about so that as early as now, they can resolve the issue and try to get away with it. One thing to consider also is a need for help. It can be a friend's help or by a professional. Sometimes, when you just try to resolve the issue between the both of you, you will end up fighting. Nothing can be resolved when they will start shouting and nagging each other. It is really be of help to have a mediator to calm each other's mind. As such, it is important that when issues are tried to resolve, they will be able to listen what each of them needs in the relationship and learn from it. The partner must be able to learn about his jealousy problems and be able to change for the better. The person who is the reason of jealousy should be very careful of how she acts and talks. One should remember that TRUST is the ultimate foundation of relationship. If you love one another, you trust him/her whole heartedly and jealous for a moment but not excessively. That is the basic foundation of the relationship.

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