Javita is one of the few unique marketing companies with a solid structure as its foundation. The company is run by Stanley J. Cherelstein who is the C.E.O. of Waiora Company. Just for the records, Waiora has been a steady and well known network marketing outfit geared towards developing and distributing healthy aging products. Javita has its flagship in Florida, United States, and has as one of its goals to spread to over 20 different countries. The company has as its product a rich blend of coffee tagged; “Coffee Evolved.”

It is understandable that you may have been considering other Coffee producing companies to work with; however, there are few things about Javita you need to know before you conclude. The company is backed by one with a long standing reputation. In fact Waiora has never been involved with any scam records associated with many other network marketing companies. In addition, Waiora has a collection of qualified team players at the helm of affairs with well-founded knowledge in the art of direct selling. This is quite outstanding. And to crown it all, these leaders have thrived and succeeded as business people. Another reason why you may want to join their program is that they intend raising 10 millionaires with other one thousand six-figure earners by the end of 2012.

You can decide to start as a distributor from the low side with a payment of $99, or from the high side with a payment of $599. Apart from this payment there is the monthly authorship of $70 you must have to shoulder. As much as the distributorship payment for Javita Company is different, the services rendered to make for a successful marketing experience to distributors are not the same either.
The compensation plan is on direct selling, which largely depends on making sales. Javita distributors are entitled to a weekly commission of up to 30% of sales made over the week. There is the single-level residual bonus you can receive as a distributor which is slated at 4% of sales made to the 14th level of your downlink. Now that is really juicy, right?

The greatest challenge faced by Javita distributors is that of making sales as much as they would want to. Although water is the only product consumed more than coffee, there are many companies with unique products in the Coffee industry. Secondly, Javita provide distributors with replica websites which further makes it difficult for any distributor to do personal branding to the level he would want to. However, attraction marketing has proven to be the best marketing technique that provide leads and convert same even under such conditions. Talking to your family and friends to join your train is too old fashioned and frustrating to embark on. It is like joining a boat to cross the Atlantic. But attraction marketing makes it a lot easier and fun-filled each passing day. With it you rest assured of getting the number of daily leads you planned having with the number of possible converts you so much desire as a Javita distributor.

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Weilin Chang is one of the top Network Marketing Coaches online. He combines online relationship building, social media, and traditional prospecting techniques to create up front growth, duplication, and success. If you are ready to build your Javita business online with massive success, be sure to visit Weilin's Attraction Marketing System