Life is an ever changing and continuously evolving state of existence, so periodically taking the time to revisit and adjust plans and goals, will have a significant affect on the pace at which you grow closer to achieving your dreams.

*How many of the goals you set for yourself for the year have you completed?

How do you feel about where you are on your journey to making your dreams reality? Are there steps you can take in the remaining months of the year to make progress on or achieve remaining goals? The most important thing to remember is not to judge, criticize or compare yourself to others when revisiting goals.

If you’ve lost track of the goals you set for the year, trust me, you are not alone … but maybe there are a few short term goals that would help you get on track in the remaining months. One way to look at this period is as a launching pad to build momentum for a strong start to the New Year!

* Are the goals you set for yourself realistic and still relevant to your life now?

Do you feel as passionate about achieving your goals today as you did when you set them, or do your goals need to be revised? It really is okay to rewrite goals so they are more achievable … just make sure that your targets still challenge you in the process so you can remain motivated.

*Can you think of a way to re-ignite your enthusiasm and expectation for success in a fresh and exciting way?

Are there different approaches you can take to achieve your goals, or an especially meaningful reward you can set for yourself for achieving success?

* A Word on Expectations …

One thing to keep in mind on your journey to success is that your expectations hold great power and can affect your ability to reach your goals.

Expectations affect your attitude and willingness to take action. Negative expectations taint your attitude, and can affect the intensity and frequency of your actions. If you avoid expectations all together simply in order to avoid disappointment … you’re not only choosing to relinquish your place in the driver’s seat of your life journey, you will see little point in working on your goals as diligently or passionately as you would if you were fired up with enthusiasm for the anticipated outcome.

When you’re motivated and inspired about your goals and expect them to bring forth a lucrative outcome, your determination will skyrocket and you’ll move forward deliberately and swiftly.

You’ll know you’re going to be successful, so why hesitate?

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