The main function and best appeal of Kik is that it is anonymous. You don't have to provide your username, only your phone number. For those who do not know KIK, it is a messaging service that can send texts, photos, and videos with other files with the selected login name, not number.
This Kik Messenger is very useful for those who are seeking complete privacy. In this post, I will also share some social media tips for our daily life. For more about social media you can read this.

This feature distinguishes this application compared to other applications.
To be able to use this Kik Messenger, you must be at least 13 years old.

This keeps your life private and personal. You can share pictures and easily add friends.
Unlike other apps you need, you do not need to enter a phone number.

KiK Messenger goes hand in hand with WhatsApp. The only difference is that there is no privacy while using WhatsApp.
However, in order to register with this application, you need to include your name, birth date, email address, and selected user name.

There is a required step for giving a phone number. Through KIK, unlike WhatsApp where contacts are limited to phone contact lists, anyone can contact.

Calling Kik as a messaging tool is not accurate. Kik is a combo pack of social media platforms and instant messenger tools that allows you to connect with friends and family, and you can explore even more. For this you do not need to use your personal phone number. You can even find random people to Kik online

Recently there are rumors about the desirability of KIK messenger.
There were several cases for this application, but the KIK developer guarantees that there is no such risk by using KIK.
These are obviously erroneous rumors.

Do not hesitate to use the app. There are all the necessary updates for the application.
Applications deal with technical flaws frequently and keep updating regularly.
Because we have hundreds of new people we are chatting each year, we do not want to share our personal numbers with everyone we are chatting, so Kik offers a unique messaging service!

You cannot use your smartphone at any time, so it helps while you are on the move.
Although KIK's messaging company has focused on mobile space so far, traditionally it has conveyed a message by telephone, so interest in computing space has not been shown.

There are many software developers and programmers who can easily use it to build things such as bots as well, which seems to be the future of messaging apps.

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