The prospect of coming to a point later in life where you look back to realize that “well that was interesting, but I wonder if…” is really sad to me. I’m not so pollyanna that I think everyone should just abandon what they’re doing now and follow their dream. That’s both reckless and stressful. Even those who look like they just “up and quit one day” really did have a build up or plan to that point. But that’s not to say that you shouldn’t pursue, in some shape or form, that which is deep within and screaming to get out!

It doesn’t have to be an all or nothing proposition. In fact, taking it step by step gives you enormous power and confidence because you create evidence of your success as you move forward. Take comfort in the following observation. When your interests lie in something that you think is totally opposite of what you do, I could argue that there is some piece of it that you’re enjoying today. Here’s an example of what I mean:

I recently worked with a young woman, Michelle, who is a sales professional for a pharmaceutical firm. She’s been in the sales field for a number of years and when you meet her you immediately get her warmth and welcoming spirit. Working in the healthcare industry, particularly with physicians can be a challenge, but you can tell she enjoys it and does well.

So why then would Michelle talk with me about doing something “different”? Well, she thinks there’s something more she’s meant to do besides selling. Upon further discussion, she’s always been interested in coaching, but wasn’t sure that it would be viable financially. She has also had some experience in planning events and thought event planning would be fun too. So I asked her what elements of each did she enjoy the most and we discovered she did them, today. She uses some aspects of coaching in her sales discussions and she plans sales events with her company.

It was eye opening for her because Michelle thought that coaching and event planning were so unique and different from her current sales job. We then got down to the business of creating a transition plan to help her experience both more fully and begin living her dream.

This is not unusual. In fact, if you are craving something “different”, when you break it down into its base elements, you’re likely doing (and enjoying) it today. My point is, the learning curve is not always that steep! Take some time to deeply examine that “craving” that keeps coming up for you. Step back and view it as an observer. Where is it coming from? What is it trying to tell you? Are you experiencing some part of that craving and you just “want more of it?”

Invest some “me” time and visualize what it would look like for you to satisfy that “craving.” What’s happening to you? Your spirit? Your life?

It’s never too late to look at your dream and see where you can begin, today, to live and enjoy parts of it. Remember, life is short, the clock is ticking, let’s do it!

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