It’s more or less impossible to deny just how effective and easy to use photo calendars are. Keeping track of the important dates on a month by month basis is as simple as leafing through a few pages, and entering new items merely requires picking up a pen or pencil. What’s more, nothing you write down is ever going to get lost due to technical failings, unlike the many computer devices which work as calendars.

Although calendars are undeniably a hugely effective aid to the smooth running of a household, there’s no getting away from the fact that the vast majority of them are less than stunning to look at. If you’re a teenage pop fan, then maybe you can find one which features the members of your favorite group, but, once you’ve grown out of this then the choices become severely limited. Even specialized calendar retailers tend to concentrate on dreary cliches such as views of forests, meadows and the like. It may seem like a trivial point, but if you put a calendar up on your wall then the chances are that you’ll be looking at it every single day, and that surely means that you should be able to have something which you’ll enjoy looking at. After all, everything else which you hang on your walls meets this pretty basic criterion, and the range of personalized photo gifts available means that this can now be true of a practical and effective calendar.

Until the advent of digital photography, the idea of creating your own 2013 calendar would have seemed hugely far-fetched, conjuring forth images of working with paint, glue, paper and card and ending up with something deeply amateurish. The technology now available, however, means that you can put together something of the highest possible standard, professionally printed on thick glossy paper. The process involved in doing so is as simple as having a set of photographs printed. The first thing to do is select the images you wish to use. It goes without saying that the choice is yours and yours alone. You might want to gather together a dozen or more of your favorite family photographs and arrange them throughout the year, or else a selection of what you consider to be your best photographs, no matter what the subject.

Once you’ve selected your images, you just have to upload them to the website you are using and the make use of the software to put your calendar together. The size and shape of the finished product will be up for modification, as will the layout of each individual page and the overall graphic look. You can select the number of images to feature on every month, and even the month you start with, as well as being able to have certain key dates per-printed.

Once you have made all of these selections, monitoring the appearance of the finished product as you go along, you’ll be able to place your order and look forward to receiving a calendar of the highest possible standard, but one which is going to raise a warm smile every time you look at it.

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Having created your own photo calendar, whether to keep for yourself or give as a gift, you may well be tempted to go on and produce other items utilizing your favorite images, from something small and quirky like a novelty fridge magnet all the way up to a stunning full sized photo canvas.