IT Data Centers: Growing Source of Global Carbon Emissions

(Alberta, Canada)—Surprisingly, IT data centers account for an estimated 2 percent of the world’s total carbon emissions footprint, and this figure is rapidly increasing, according to IT marketing analysis leader Pike Research.

With IT systems and departments growing at exponential rates, their concomitant energy consumption will be of serious concern in the near future for many organizations, according to David Papp, author of author of “IT Survival Guide: Conquering Information Technology in Your Organization.” He has noticed some companies are already starting to pay attention.

Pike Research supports this statement and estimates that by the year 2015, 28 percent of all IT data centers will be “green.” Changes in power and cooling devices, storage options and server technology will provide such opportunities.

“As IT servers and components have become more powerful, increased energy demands have followed,” Mr. Papp explains. “And by making these systems more compact, the amount of heat they generate requires greater cooling abilities to prevent premature wear and tear.”

David suggests several ways companies can help reduce their IT data centers’ power consumption:

* Consider virtualization of servers and storage networks for improved efficiency
* Periodically update IT system components, within reason
* Strategically locate IT equipment to minimize external cooling requirements
* Eliminate redundant networks and IT system components
* Create efficient backup and archiving procedures

“If CEOs have not already noticed their IT data centers are accounting for chunks of their utility bills, they will soon,” Mr. Papp states. “Becoming energy efficient will not only help the environment but also their bottom lines. IT data centers are another great example of how environmental and economic efficiencies can complement each other.”

Author's Bio: 

David Papp is an international IT consultant with over twenty years’ experience in IT systems. He is a popular keynote speaker on numerous IT topics. Mr. Papp has a computer engineering degree from the University of Alberta and holds multiple industry certifications.