Georgetown University Professor, Jonathan Brown, a convert to Islam. told an Islamic group “there is no such thing as slavery…what really counts…is whether those who were enslaved were treated well or poorly – not that they were enslaved.” (

Georgetown University may be proud of its diversity, but if this is “higher education,” run for the hills--we need to home-school our children as the Bible says in Deuteronomy 6:7.

With thinking like Georgetown, it’s no wonder that Washington is in a mess, and yes, Congress is full of lawyer graduates from there.

The central figure over the Supreme Court entrance is Moses holding the 10 Commandments. Their preface is, “I am the Lord your God that…brought you out of the house of bondage.”

Exodus 20 recognizes slavery and offers laws of freedom. If we love God for the freedom He offers, we will have no other gods (like the moon god, Allah, see Wikipedia). Other gods may be served in fear. Allah engenders hate, rape, beheadings and killing, all of this is an abomination to God who loves everyone and favors freedom of choice for what we choose to believe and rewards them who believe in Him.

God says, “Come, let us reason together,” Isaiah 1:18. Rather than kill your enemies, He says “Love your enemies” that they might be won to a better standard of living. Those who lie, rape, kill or steal are not happy people. The Ten Commandments define happiness and conversion is a change of mind AND heart.

Most religions teach some good things, and Islam is no different, but the Quran teachings are confusing. Was Mohammed confused? How do we explain his immoral life, contradictory teachings and failure of the Quran to compare with the Bible?

The Spanish word for library is biblioteca—Bible tech! The Bible far exceeds any other book as a basis for health (foods given in the first chapter of Genesis) happiness and destiny. Here are a few Bible aspects to which the Quran cannot compare:
1. Historic accuracy.
2. Biographies of great men that we can emulate
3. Wisdom in the proverbs that can guide our business
4. A law to know right from wrong in every situation if we weigh our motive.
5. Prophesy far-surpassing the Quran as Daniel 8, showing that a militant Muslim ram will get stomped in the end-times. Its horns are k. Example:
6. The Great Teacher whose life reflected His truths, who divided history BC v AD, and whose resurrection from the dead is well-documented by men who ran from his crucifixion, but later they were all willing to die for Him. Do we think they would die for a lie?
7. He didn’t promise 72 virgins if to blow ourselves up to kill as many infidels as possible, but an eternity with a God who made in His image, who loved us and provided the sacrifice that Abraham spoke of—“God will provide Himself a lamb,” Genesis 22:8, also foretold in Isaiah 53.
8. Islam has bitter fruit—or why wouldn’t Saudi Arabia open its thousands of empty tents to Muslim refugees? “Ishmael…will be a wild man…against every man, and every man against him.” Genesis 16:11,12. Islam is low on love and it’s doubtful that its women enjoy the companionship of husbands (house-bands) who hold them as equal family partners, but rather as sex objects.

The WND journalist reporting on the Islamic professor said the lecture was baffling…difficult to follow.

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