Looking for knowledge and education is the motivating force and true essence of Islamic dogmas. It is the obligatory for all Muslims to hunt for knowledges in all paces of life. According to Islam, the Holy Quran and precedents of the Holy Prophet (Peace Be Upon Him), reasons, investigational examination, history and perception. The commands of the Holy Quran imitate that wisdom or information is not delimited to cognitive mind and rationalities. Feat of knowledge asks a total contribution of the hunter in relation to the total pragmatism. One develop a whole and entire individual, after finishing all inner and outer features of inner self. This thinking has been educated since many eternities.
All aforementioned foundations of knowledge are conflicting with each other at some degree like revelation and comprehension. Holy Book of Quran points out the requirement and incorporation of all these bases of knowledge for its fruitful results. Holy book of Islam leads us to meet inner side of our individuality and helps us in discovery of own self. Whereas our traditional and outdated education structure fail to awaken our inner spirit. We are roaming behind shallow knowledge with delusion of culture and autonomy. For this, one must perform spiritual and religious obligations like Hajj and Umrah via December Umrah Package.
The Holy Quran has highlighted and decorated the quest of knowledge in all circumstances and in order to meet the internal and external authenticity. It is the nature of a river to flow and move and Giving light and heat is nature of Sun. Similarly, it is in the spirit of a scholar to understand knowledge into unbiased genuineness as prepared the Holy Prophet (Peace Be Upon Him. Those persons who have knowledge and understanding of things but do not perform on it, are acknowledged ill-informed by the Holy Quran. So keeping these characters, those who put hard efforts in the way of Allah Almighty.
It is an upsetting condition in the Muslims Counties where illiteracy rate is going miserable gradually. While, Islam has positioned supreme position on the attainment of the knowledge and made it obligatory for Muslims. Alim (One who knows) is one of the characteristics of the Allah Almighty and very primary revelation spoken about attainment of Information. It reproduces the position of information, sophisticated and religious, in the Islam.
The Holy Book has labelled the Prophet (Peace Be Upon Him) as one skilled and educated by Allah Almighty. He was an imparter of knowledge to others and Allah Almighty has also trained him to ask for improvement of knowledge. Those who have been bestowed with great acquaintance are measured rich. There are many traditions of the Holy Prophet (Peace Be upon Him) which reproduces the position of knowledge. The Cherished Prophet (Peace Be Upon Him) has made information obligatory for all Muslims. One who travels in the examination of knowledge, is in the way of Allah Almighty. Even one must move to China on the lookout for knowledge. The former sins of a person will be pardoned who hunts after knowledge and wisdom.

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Ayaz Ahmed Wagho is a competent and proficient author for Umrah UK regarding December umrah Packages, who is well known for his outstanding skills in writing about the Hajj and Umrah, the rituals of Islam. He is providing his valuable services for the Muslims residing in the UK. But nowadays he is writing about deals regarding Umrah in December and helping his Muslim fellows in the accomplishment of supreme adoration and blessings of God.