The short answer to that question is, No. There are really many very good reasons to use Facebook for your social marketing needs. The flexibility and continuously growing list of new features makes it better than ever for business use.

At this point, just about everyone who’s anyone is using Facebook. There might still be a small minority of people out there that don’t use Facebook, but the numbers are really quite staggering at this point. Over 100 million users and counting. And, to think that this started as a small project for a college student...

With so many users and so much popularity, it makes sense to use Facebook for your Internet marketing needs. As you launch your marketing campaign, including social networking sites should be an integral part that is not overlooked. Facebook should be topping your list.

The users of Facebook are generally more mature (translation=older and wiser and have money to spend?) than the majority of users on other super-popular social networks, like MySpace. This means that advertisers are very, very interested in what Facebook has to offer.

Facebook offers advertising methods that rival Google’s, and everyone knows that Google knows everything. Getting your business noticed by Facebook Ads is akin to having Google AdWords start using your banner.

Not only does Facebook offer the SocialAds feature, but even more spectacular is the ability to develop Profile Pages for your business or product. You can establish contacts and groups, just like you can for your personal Facebook Page. Contacts can opt to become Fans of your page, share your page with others, and receive any status updates that you add to your page right through their own News Feeds. This means that all of their contacts and visitors to their Facebook Page will be viewing your status updates as well. You can easily see how the numbers of people you can target can grow exponentially.

It’s hard to argue with numbers. And with so many users, and so many interwoven groups of contacts, you will start to see big increases in your traffic as visitors check out not only your Profile Page but the Pages of your contacts that receive your status updates as well. There is a direct link right on your contacts’ News Feeds that will take them to your page.

Anyone that is trying to get their business going using social marketing techniques would be remiss to pass on the Facebook opportunity. The online business community is competitive, and it is important to keep up with any new developments to stay on top of your game. Those folks that grab every opportunity are the ones that are getting the lion’s share of the traffic.

Get a Profile Page started for your business or product, and watch your traffic start to increase. With a little finessing, you can target your page to some very specific or very generalized groups and really gain exposure quickly. Link your Facebook page to your blog or site, or your other social network profiles, too. You’ll be glad you did once you start to get noticed!

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Jack Humphrey is the author of The Authority Black Book and the editor of the Friday Traffic Report at Join Jack's social marketing community.