Are you worried about covering your bills at the end of the month?

Are you out of control in your spending, then it is time you take control of your life and have plans for cutting back on things that is not needed.

What are your priority

When you are conscious of your priorities for you and your family
You start making choices that will secure your future with them.

If you are over spending more than what you can afford, you are keeping you trap in bills.

Make note of what are your priorities and sticking to it can bring you more freedom.

It isn’t fair

It isn’t fair that your mate does not want to work out a plan with you or says yes to the plan and does not follow through.

It isn’t fair and you feel alone in doing the cutting back in your expense, and you decided to nag or complain hoping to get the person to act only to have the person go further away from you.

Credit card

Credit card was supposed to help make your life easy yet you have more problems because you are spending your future income when you use your credit card.

Solution, stop using your credit card either cut it up or hide it, use it only for emergency and start using cash when you don’t have temptation in your wallet you cannot use it.

Agreeing on a plan

In a relationship with your partner money discussion does not always go right and both of you may have disagreement often about the spending habits of both of you or one of you.

Your relationship with your partner and with money may ask you both to jump in and work out the problems and that means working on a basic plan that both of you can live with.

Saving for your dream

Do you have a dream that you have not accomplish, it could be remodelling the kitchen or going on that voyage that you always wanted to but could not afford.

Your dream does not have to stay as a dream you can take action to make it happen by having a plan that you can follow through with.

Having trust

Taking the step to cut back ask you and your partner to be working together and not against each other and that means you need to feel that there is trust in the relationship for you both to move ahead.

If your partner is hiding the bills when it comes in and you both are not sharing or communicating this show the trust is low.

Your nagging, being angry or preaching will not give you the results you are looking for.

You can lead by example by first using cash and no more your debit or credit card.

Your job is to have your partner on board and when you take actions that show results of savings your partner will be willing to listen.

Conclusion: Cutting back can be fun and uplifting when you know where to cut back on and how much it is going to save you and your family.

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