Does this make sense?

1. The first thing we do before we read or listen to an expert is examine his/her
credentials – sorry, but I am a born and legally trained skeptic and contrarian.

2. Test it myself. Do the specific Mind and Physiological experiment on myself.

3. If it works and is safe from side effects, we ask participants to do these “mind experiments” using the same strategies. They report back their results.

About us

The undersigned has been involved in speed reading since around 1959. Evelyn Wood (1909-1995) was my business partner, graduating 2 million, including
the White House staffs of four U.S. Presidents.

Speed Learning is the 21st century version of speed reading for students from
grade school, college, and graduate school, to executives expanding their career.

The average graduate can – permanently - triple their reading speed – read three (3) books, articles and reports, and double their long-term memory, in the time their peers can hardly finish one.

About Tapping

Dr. Roger Callahan, a cognitive psychologist, created a strategy called Thought Field Therapy to reduce and eliminate stress and anxiety, depression, sleep deprivation, and phobias. Google: Thought Field Therapy (TFT)

Tapping various parts of the body is said to signal the brain to get the
body to change your Mood, state-of-mind, and modify physical disorders. His system is based on Chinese Acupressure and Tapping of specific meridians.


Skeptics regard Tapping as witchcraft, and an exercise in the Placebo Effect.
They say, “99% of us recover from 99% of the pains and illnesses that attack us,
without Tapping.”

Further, our brain learns to Associate recovery with visiting a doctor or therapist. Up to 80% of patients begin to recover within 15 minutes after seeing the physician
in his/her white uniform. In other words Skeptics are skeptical about Tapping.

Remember going to the dentist with a painful tooth that magically stopped hurting when you just saw the dentist? Power of Suggestion is their pro forma answer.

But Wait – There is More

The latest neuroscientific research indicates it is NOT just in your mind. Using
fMRI (functional Magnetic Resonance Imagery), belief in the efficacy of the doctor’s treatments causes physiological changes in the brain.

Where and how?

“Mu-Opioid Receptors” (natural pain killers) are produced by the brain to BIND these pain killers to the cerebral cortex, thalamus, hypothalamus et al. And with no side effects like drugs. Placebo Effect is as real as a heart-attack.

We Recommend Tapping

Who cares whether it is Acupressure, Placebo Effect, or Black Magic, if it really
produces permanent, positive results? We are nothing if not pragmatic, and believe
in cause-and-effect, stimulus/response, testable results.

Scientists are still fighting about Programming, Conditioning, and Nature or Nurture. More than 60% of physicians do not believe in Chiropractors (competitors) or Hypnotherapy (clucking like a chicken). Both have fifty years of verifiable results.

Both the AMA (American Medical Association), and ADA endorse hypnotherapy.
Google: AMA and Hypnotherapy

Speed Reading Tapping Strategies

Two simple schemas (strategies) help us triple your reading speed by tapping, and the second area for tapping helps you dissolve your chronic stress.

One, if you choose to practice Duchenne Smiling, Tap the lateral muscles at the sides of your eyes, and the lateral facial muscles at the sides of your cheeks and lips. Results promote a change in your Mood, and eliminate stress and anxiety.

Brilliant Stars want to know which muscles are involved to Tap.

Answer: the Risorius muscles at the corners of your mouth, and the Zygomaticus
muscles that raise your facial cheeks. Additionally, the Pars Lateralis
muscles lateral to each eye, producing Crow’s Feet lines.

How Long Does The Tapping Take

Got sixty second daily for 21 days?


Point your right and left Index fingers at the sides of your eyes.

a) Tap gently three- times on the left side of eyes, and four-times on
the right side adjacent to your eyes.

b) Now, use your Will Power (volition) to avert (exercise) your eyes extreme left, and extreme right side.

c) Now voluntarily move your eyes to your Upper Left quadrant, and
then your Upper Right quadrant.

d) Finally, choose to exercise your lowest eye muscles, and
focus downward, first to the left and then right side. You have six muscle in each eye. We want to exercise the upper two (left and right), lateral (medial) left and right. And the lower left and right eye muscles.

(Google: Vestibulo-Ocular-Reflex: You are exercising your Peripheral Vision muscles.

Facial Expression – Duchenne Smile

Tap gently three-times with your left index finger at the side of your
left lips. Now Tap four-times with your right index finger at the right side of
your lips. Use you Will Power (volition) to Smile widely for ten-seconds.


So What?

Do these baby-easy Tapping exercises for 21 days for sixty-second daily, and
your brain creates firing-neurons of neural networks for Smiling and Peripheral

Once it becomes a habit after just three-weeks, you smile at will, and use your peripheral vision automatically. Your body and mind are in sync to release stress and anxiety, and help triple your information-processing skills – permanently.

See ya,

Copyright © 2009
H. Bernard Wechsler

Author's Bio: 

Author of Speed Reading For Professionals, published by Barron's.
Business partner of Evelyn Wood, creator of Speed Reading, graduating
2 million, including the White House staffs of four U.S. Presidents.