To get escape from scorching heat of sun it is quite oblivious for everyone to apply temporary shield that is sunscreen. This shield escapes our skin from UV waves of sun, which can lead to various problems like skin damage or cancer.

Although we find sunscreen friend of our skin but recent studies have declared it not good for us. In sunscreen many chemicals are used which disturb the hormones balance of our body. Mainly oxybenzone is the chemical used as ingredient in sunscreens which disturb hormones

Some specific studies have revealed that serious problem of females that is endometriosis is also caused by sunscreens, as the chemicals found in the sunscreen attack the hormones that are linked to endometriosis in women and low sperm count in men.

How sunscreen lead to endometriosis

In some experiments, it has been observed that females that used excess of sunscreen are victims of endometriosis. When we apply sunscreen lotion on our skin then oxybenzone chemical penetrates into the skin and act like estrogen in the body. This entrance can adversely affect reproductive system of both male and female.

If we consider only females then interference of these chemicals compel the tissue to grow outside the uterus, which normally lies inside the uterus. Growth of endometrium tissue leads to abdominal pain and female infertility

Apart from this other common ingredient homosalate disturb level of essential hormones of ovulation that is estrogen, androgen, and progesterone. This disturbance of hormones can even caused mood swings in females. Even some studies have shown that this drastic chemical can have negative effect for mothers who give Brest feed.

Although the studies have shown, sunscreens as culprit’s still complete abandonment of their use is not recommended as they escape us from vulnerable burning rays of sun. But the woman with the problem of endometriosis should use less toxic sunscreen alternative so that they can prevent pelvic pain and even escape from burning sun rays

Woman with endometriosis are not at all recommended to use this chemical based protection shield as it can make the problem severe and even other males and females should avoid use of these chemicals as it can enter to the body and interrupt reproductive system means ultimately can lead to infertility in both the genders.

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Females with problem of endometriosis can get pregnant with the advanced IUI treatment in India still this condition must be confined by reducing the news of sunscreens