Is your spouse making you happy? Whether you are married to yours, living with them or contemplating spending a lot of time with them in the future it is a good idea to know if you are truly compatible with them first.

Remember that sometimes your partner shows a certain side of their personality to you and hides the rest and it is usually the negative or dark side they hide. You may then discover it later on after you are married or moved in with them, when it is harder to go back on the past. If you get married and have children with someone then it is a huge thing to think about separating from them or ending the relationship but you might want to. So it makes a lot more sense to find out if you are suited to each other before rather than finding out after!
And think of the damage that you could do to your family or children if you rush into a relationship and then see that you made a mistake and try to undo it.

Marriage is less popular now than it used to be but committing to a serious long term relationship is still asking a lot of you. By rights the person who is asking you to commit should tell you everything there is to know about them, but they rarely do. Unless they are very young there will be lots of things about them they have forgotten or have pushed to the back of their mind. With a mature or elderly partner it would be impossible for them to remember and tell you everything.

If you are not in a solid relationship and are contemplating getting into one or trying to choose between several candidates then it is even more important that you find out if they really are right for you.

The way we work out if we are suited to someone and can truly make them happy is by knowing their true character. You can spend years with someone and still not truly known them. One of the best ways to know them is by using the Chinese Zodiac signs which we have worked out for you at . You will find out there if whoever it is you are thinking of is right for you or not.
Is your partner making you happy?

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