Do you know what an elevator speech is? An elevator speech is an introduction about your business that you can encapsulate in 30 seconds or less. The idea for this type of speech is based on the average length of time one spends in an elevator.

The value of the elevator speech is not just when traveling from one floor to another however. Elevator speeches can be used in more situations than you may think which is why it is to your benefit to have one ready at a moment’s notice.

Imagine that you are on your way to a speaking engagement, you miss your turn and find yourself in another town. Assuming you do not have GPS, you pull into a convenience store and ask the person coming out how to get to your destination. When you mention that you are speaking to a group of professionals about networking, the person offering directions asks you a question about your background which opens the door to your elevator speech.

It is also possible that this individual hands you his business card, without even asking about your background, and suggests you call him to schedule a date to speak to his organization or business.

This situation was a fantastic means of networking just by adding the fact that you were going to be speaking to some organization in the next town. Think about it: something as basic as getting directions can bring about unexpected returns if you are prepared with your elevator speech.

How many times have you stood in line while shopping or attending a sporting event? Waiting for planes, buses, and trains offers wonderful opportunities to make the first move and speak to the individual behind, next to or in front of you. By mentioning the situation you are both in – the plane is delayed, for example, or the impending snowstorm that is approaching as you wait in the bitter cold for your bus – you have just opened the door for networking. Not everyone is going to be eager to talk to you but some will. And the likelihood for potential business is certainly greater than if you were to say nothing.

The elevator speech is not a time for a hard sell but merely an introduction in which you briefly mention your product or your service. Create not just one but have a few different approaches that you can use depending on the situation you are in.

The possibilities for networking while waiting for something to happen are endless. Do not miss an opportunity that could be just the one that opens the right door for you.

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The Voice Lady Nancy Daniels provides private, group and corporate training throughout the United States and Canada as well as Voicing It!, the only video training program on voice improvement and presentation skills. Visit Voice Dynamic and voice your opinion in her new blog.

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