A handshake is the business greeting in America. Here are some handshakes to avoid.
1. The Jellyfish: A limp hand moves your way. You grasp it and it turns to mush. Do you want to do business with this person? People with jellyfish handshakes create the impression that they are spineless – an unsavory perception, to be sure.
2. The Knuckle Breaker: Your hand disappears into a vice and comes back the worse for wear. So the person could play linebacker for the Chicago Bears…do you care? This kind of power play is the best left to member of the Mafia. In recent years, some women have adopted the Knuckle Breaker in an effort not to be perceived as pushovers. Women do need to have a firm handshake, but it is doubly disconcerting to extend your hand to a 5’1”, 105 pound woman in a silk dress and have it come back feeling like hamburger.

3. The Finger Squeeze: This person doesn’t clasp your hand; he or she grabs your fingers only. When done with a light touch, this gesture appears prissy and/or suggests that the person isn’t sure he wants to touch your whole hand. With a heavy touch, The Finger Squeeze can become The Ring Squeeze. Marks from your ring are clearly etched in at least two other fingers, and you wonder if you leave the reception and get an X-ray.
4. The Covered Handshake: In this handshake, one of the parties puts his or her left hand over the hands clasped in the handshake. Those of us who are “touchers” may perceive this as a show of warmth. But others may see it as a power play or feel that they are being patronized.
Men, Women and Handshakes: Men have been trained from childhood to shake hands. Women must master the art as well. It’s up to the woman to extend her hand first whether she is meeting a man or another woman. Men are taught to wait and see if the woman initiates a handshake. Older more mature folks are introduced first to younger folks. I wonder what happened to the etiquette classes I took in school? Perhaps we should be reading up on our dos and don’ts.

Author's Bio: 

Jacque Miller holds a Masters degree in Holistic Nutrition, is a Certified Behavior Specialist and Certified Lifestyle Coach in Cave Creek, AZ and developed the networking card game “Promotion Motion”.