Every cigarette smoke at one point of time thinks about leaving smoking. But hardly some of them actually succeed. One can leave smoking for a while but, later or sooner everyone goes back to the same routine. We all know how harmful smoking is, and continuing it for a long time will only make the situation worse. But what if you switch, there are another smart options available in the market now. One such thing is vaping. There are various vape shop available now. You can search for it online or they are even available in offline stores.

Vaping is a better option, but it does not mean it can not cause any harm. Technology has made the experience of smoking better for the end users, but it certainly has side effects. Although if we sum it up, it is somewhat better than hookah and cigarettes. Vapourcore in the US has launched their own version of vape called the Beco Bar.

Pros of Vaping
Unlike cigarette and hookah smoking does not give you cancer and it is safer than both the other options. The flavors available in vaping are real and there are thousands of them. Whereas when we talk about hookah there is only a single compound and moreover it gives a burnt taste. So you can say that there is a huge difference in the tastes. Vapes are portable and takes no time in setup, hence it is convenient than hookah. Hookah takes a lot of time in setup. Moreover, there are chances that you might burn up your carpet while the setup is done.

As there is no after smell of vape you can do it anywhere. Vaping devices like Beco Barcreates 10 times or more vapor than that of a hookah. When compared to cigarettes vapes are safer, and are less prone to cause cancer. Those of you who are trying to quit smoking, vape is a safer and a nicer option to switch. It won’t give you such a hard time like cigarettes.

Due to being the newest alternative in the market, there are many vape shop that have been opened. Another good thing about vaping is that there is no tobacco present in a vape.

Similarities between hookah and vape
There are some noticeable similarities between a hookah and a vape, both of them have fruity flavors available for smoking. On smoking either of them, it gives a much better experience than the cigarettes, feels much smoother on your throat.

Often people get confused between a hookah and a vape, but they are slightly different from each other. Hookah involves burning of coals and moist tobacco, whereas vape involves electric coils and no tobacco. The appearance of both the devices are different. Hookah has a tall pipe with a bowl of water in the bottom and a large hose-like mouthpiece used to inhale the smoke. The other one is a pen-sized or boxy electronic device with a comparatively small tip for inhaling.

Vape is a nicer and a better option than smoking cigarettes and hookah. So if you are trying to quit and if it is giving you a hard time, you can definitely shift to vape.

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