Paul Hellyer was the former Minister of National Defence for Canada who sensationally announced that world governments were deliberately covering up ‘secret files’ that reveal aliens have been visiting Earth for thousands of years, and are already integrated into society. These aliens he claims would be unrecognisable as extraterrestrial if you happened to pass one in the street. Hellyer was the first high-ranking official to go public with his beliefs in his historic speech at the Toronto Exopolitics Conference in 2005.

He has also stated that the aliens are ‘unimpressed’ with how we live and our tendency towards warfare, rather than helping the poor and underprivileged within society, and we are therefore deemed ‘untrustworthy’ to have their advanced technology bestowed upon us.

Another advocate of the existence of extraterrestrials included the late William Cooper, an American conspiracy theorist, former US Naval Intelligence Officer, broadcaster and author, who claimed to have seen a UFO and secret documents while in the Navy and published his findings in his book, ‘Behold a Pale Horse’, which has seen renewed interest in recent years.

However, authority figures notwithstanding, people should of course arrive at their own conclusions on such matters, as only definitive proof will do.

The Phoenix Lights, which occurred on the night of March 13th 1997, was confirmation for many that UFO’s do exist. On that night a craft measuring possibly 2 miles across, with at least 7 lights in a V formation, travelled eerily and silently across the entire state of Arizona in the U.S., and was witnessed by thousands of people, and not just a select few who could easily be written off as either intoxicated, deluded or insane for their disclosures. Many eyewitness accounts said this was more like a ‘procession’, as no attempts were made to hide their presence, and to perhaps leave it beyond doubt that they were here. Not surprisingly, phone lines were jammed with people reporting what they had seen and to ascertain what this was. Attempts were duly made by authorities and the media to contain the hysteria with alternative explanations being hastily put forward, such as flares dropped from helicopters, a hypothesis that was subsequently expunged by military insiders, as they pointed out that the lights remained stationary and in formation throughout the sighting, unlike flares that descend at varying speeds and leave a plume of smoke as they fall to Earth. Furthermore, crucially, there was no sound whatsoever from the UFO, whereas all aircraft we know of are noisy, without exception. All other theories failed miserably to stand up to rigorous investigation, and through the process of elimination, ironically, only served to strengthen the case that this event was indeed real and the craft was other-worldly.

Add to this the thousands of government documents, hundreds of photographic evidence, video footage and more, making the existence of alien life more than just mere fantasy:

Extraterrestrial or multidimensional?

One theory is that aliens could more accurately be described as ethereal beings, that is they inhabit higher planes of existence and are therefore, multidimensional. This may account for their apparent elusiveness, telepathic abilities and how their craft can seemingly manoeuvre contrary to all the laws of physics. Without this consideration, we may never fully appreciate other possibilities looking at it from our limited three-dimensional point of view.

Hollywood movies such as Independence Day have created irrational fears in our consciousness that do not reflect what has transpired so far. If these were primarily malevolent beings we would surely know it by now, as their military capabilities would clearly outstrip our own, and on the contrary, they appear to be attempting to guide our civilization away from military conflict and oppression.

Since 1947, 2 years after atom bombs were dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki towards the end of WWII, it is widely believed that these sighting have increased, and even appear to be guarding nuclear installations and facilities. Many of the eyewitness testimonies in military circles speak of missiles being disabled and becoming inoperable, or even warheads being destroyed mid-flight.

The implications for society

The topic of extraterrestrials has implications for society as a whole, and is not just trivia, adding little value to our daily lives. Other forms of propulsion and renewable energy which are unfathomable to us are clearly at the aliens disposal, which accounts for the secrecy of governments and the media of which they control, as our current system is built to provide huge profits for large energy companies and government agencies from energy sources such as coal, oil, gas and electricity. Taking a wider view, to acquire this knowledge would usher in a paradigm shift, with free energy for all. So the motivation to prevent this from occurring by those in power becomes much clearer, as any disclosure that alien life exists would threaten their interests.

We may perhaps be viewed by alien visitors as the unruly and disruptive child in the classroom. Misunderstood, but clearly not versed in the ways of polite society as our other classmates, and could be offering a guiding hand by those with greater experience and maturity to help us live more peacefully, as not to impact negatively on other civilizations on surrounding planets. Regardless of the merits of these claims, it is perhaps food for thought.

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Christopher is based in the U.K. and is the author and founder of Critical Eye, a website dedicated to debating societal issues, international affairs and other topics.