How to Treat Coronavirus Symptoms with TCM?

Dr. Fang Bangjiang, Emergency Dept. Director, Longhua Hospital, who was also one of the COVID-19 Frontline warriors in Leishenshan Hospital in Wuhan, has worked with other professionals from different parts of the world to find out the cure with TCM against Coronavirus.

According to him, a lot of old TCM books have mentioned the transmission and etiology of contagious diseases. According to a TCM doctrinal source, your immunity can help you fight against the virus. This book also suggests that it’s time to focus on prevention more than cure.

People used to steam the clothes in the olden days and allow infected members of their family to wear them to prevent the infection from spreading to the rest of the members. A well-known Ming Dynasty physician, Wu You-ke suggests people burning atractylodes or chewing garlic, as well as staying home in the plague. At the TCM Clinic in Singapore, practitioners also focus on healthy Qi to improve immunity.

According to Dr. Fang, giant knotweed can help prevent COVID-19 symptoms and raw rhubarb can effectively cure them. According to the National Health Commission guidelines in China, blood purification is effective to treat inflammation. It can also be effective against cytokine attacks in critical cases.

TCM Treatment and Vaccine
According to Villa Giada Institution’s dean in Italy, Laura Ciminelli, the next wave of novel Coronavirus could be stronger. She had to ensure that the vaccine would be helpful without posing any harm to the immune system. She was also curious to know how TCM Tampines could be effective against COVID-19.

According to Doctor Fang, we shouldn’t expect that much from the COVID-19 vaccine. WHO Chief, Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus also opined that vaccines wouldn’t be able to stop the pandemic itself. He said we need to ensure the efficacy and safety of vaccines further. Some patients may have poor immunity as they don’t sleep or eat well due to underlying medical conditions. Best TCM in Singapore can treat COVID patients having mild symptoms. Raw rhubarb can be effective in critical cases.

Other Traditional Chinese Medicines for COVID-19
According to Brazilian School of Chinese Medicine president, Dr. Regis, the situation of COVID is very critical in Brazil and the death toll is getting out of control. He was very keen to learn about the formulas of TCM to cure COVID-19. According to Dr. Feng, this disease can lead to problems related to blood clotting. Cyanosis and stroke are some of the conditions some patients may develop. In Leishenshan Hospital, he found some patients with dark or purple tongues. But there are some herbs to improve blood circulation, such as motherwort, knotweed, and Panax notoginseng powder.

Dr. Fang said that they provide acupuncture in singapore to treat 90% of patients. However, protection measures should be implemented before providing acupuncture treatment.

Thomas Tatulli, a French doctor, asked about some books related to COVID-19 treatment using traditional Chinese medicines and formulas. According to Dr. Fang, many clinical trials are still going on and have been done on COVID-19. He integrated western medicine and TCM in China to find ways to prevent and cure Coronavirus symptoms. He published his manual this year in February. He is also working on another book with other doctors overseas, along with the medics in European nations and the US. He will share his experience with other frontline experts and doctors later on.

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