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This is going to be inevitably a question you'll ask yourself often. If you've found yourself checking the email or looking at your phone often throughout the day, the big empty letdown that she still hasn't contacted you yet will be excruciating. So if she's not contacting you, does that mean she doesn't care? How can you tell if your ex girlfriend misses you and how can you get her back?

One thing guys worry about that their chances diminish the more the more they hold back from contact. The more days she's out there single, the more chance she'll find someone new and replace you altogether. Well it's true, time isn't really on your side at the moment, but what is also true, is that contacting her right now, will neither help your situation nor make you feel better either.

It's hard but you need to be passive and stand back to let what is happening to just happen. The truth is, your ex girlfriend DOES miss you and what's more, she is also thinking of the break up and wondering if she has done the right thing.

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How do I know? Because she's only human, and if she cared about you at all, she'll be missing you right now. No matter what has happened, or how much damage has happened, she'll be thinking of you and missing you.

However her missing you won't necessarily translate if or when you talk to her. There are many reasons for this, but just because you say or act a certain way, doesn't mean you're not thinking or feeling something completely different.

The truth is, both of you will be hurting right now. Trying to patch things up to early might rub even more salt into the wound. Allow the air to cool and for things to heal before making any sort of move. You'll be doing both of you a favour.

As weird as this might be, to get her back means to let things be for now and slowly rebuild that connection you once had. The pain of the break up will only cloud all your attempts and even push her into the arms of someone else if you're pushing hard enough.

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I believe you already know about the No Contact Rule after a break up with your girlfriend. However, should you follow this rule? Well, the answer is yes. Then, why don't many guys follow this rule? It is because they do not like this rule. It is because they do not believe that this rule will help them to get their ex girlfriends back.

For me, I do believe that the No Contact Rule after a break up can help you if you want to get your ex girlfriend back. Well, you don't have to believe me, but I would like to let you know that there are 3 big reasons that you should not try to contact your ex after she decided to break up with you.

It helps you not to say anything that you don't mean it

The No Contact Rule after a break up can help you from saying anything that you don't mean to say. If you try to contact her right away after the break up, then I can guarantee that your situation will get worse. You and your ex girlfriend may get into the big argument instead of nice talking. This is the reason why trying not to contact your ex girlfriend is highly recommended. Well, it is a fact that you should not try to plead her or beg her to come back, but it does not mean that the two of you should get into a big fight as well.

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It is possible that she might start to miss you during this period

The No Contact Rule after a break up can possibly make your ex girlfriend to miss you as well since she might wonder where you are or why you don't try to do anything to get her back. So, if you want to get her back, then you should follow the rule. However, the problem is that most men are trying to do the opposite way. They repeat the same mistake that everybody else does. This is the reason why they fail to get their girlfriends back.

Keep in mind that trying to contact her right after the break up will push her further away from you instead of getting her back. So, do not try to contact your ex girlfriend in any forms, no phone call, no email, and no message. If you can do this, then it is possible that she might contact you first because it is a fact that everyone has a peak of loneliness, which should happen after three weeks of the break up. However, this time frame can be longer or shorter as well.

Take this time to improve yourself

The No Contact Rule after a break up can be considered as a great time for you to take care of yourself. You should try to take advantage of this time by improving yourself. You may try to get yourself a new haircut. You may try to get yourself a new cloth. You may try to go out and have fun with your friends. Or you may try to do something that you always wanted to do but do not have a chance.

However, don't just sit there and watching TV or drinking all day because you will not get your ex girlfriend back by being lazy like this.

Actually, there is a way for you to make your ex girlfriend to contact you again. If you keep on reading, then you will be able to find out what to do.

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When you thought things couldn't get worse since your split with your girlfriend, they have - you've found out that she's started seeing some other guy. You feel like a total heel, not only for letting her get away, but not being able to get her back before she moved on to someone else. And you certainly don't feel as though she could feel strongly for you anymore if she's already dating some new guy. It feels pretty bleak right now and you don't have high hopes to win your ex girlfriend back.

But stop that train of though for a second and take a minute to clear you mind of all these swirling thoughts. It is very possible for you to win your ex girlfriend back. You are likely highly jealous of the new man she's moved on to, but don't worry about him. Your girlfriend merely snapped up the first guy who paid her mind after the breakup because she is feeling vulnerable, and she wants to make you jealous. These are called rebound relationships and they never last.

The guy was the lucky one, in the right place at the right time, and was there to offer a listening ear when she expressed that she was having a lot of "life troubles". Her connection to him is very superficial as it wouldn't matter who was there for her, so long as someone was. The fact that it happened to be an eligible man was just a matter of chance. Don't worry, this relationship will quickly play its course.

Right now you just need to bide your time. Sooner or later, she'll begin to get over the hurt the breakup caused her and she'll see the thin foundation her current relationship is based upon and will drop him like a hot plate. She will also likely start to miss you and miss being with you, and your efforts to win your ex girlfriend back are starting to show promise. Chances are, she'll make contact and want to see you again, this is your chance to win your ex girlfriend back, take full advantage of the opportunity.

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The only thing you need to be concerned about right now, is doing the right things to get your ex back. Here are 7 absolute must do's which will pull your ex back almost immediately...

Your mistakes- Admit where you went wrong, and go over what caused the breakup in the first place. Understand where you went wrong, so you don't make the same stupid mistakes again.

Your bad habits - No one likes them, especially your ex; and I am sure that your ex has been nagging you to change, until finally they decided to break up with you; so change before it's too late.

Say you are sorry - Sometimes that is all it takes to pull your ex back; and other times it's just the act of letting go of your ego long enough to apologize.

Don't call your ex at all - Calling constantly is harassment and another form of stalking; and it literally makes you look desperate; so stop calling. This will also give your ex a chance to miss you.

Stop handing out your time and attention so easily - Your ex finds you extremely easy, since you give out everything to them, even without them asking. Play hard to get instead.

Do as many things as you can - Go out, have fun, take photos too, while you are at it! Post those to your online profiles, like MySpace or Facebook; and this will make your ex feel guilty, because he/she will think they were the one holding you back.

Date one of your ex's close friends - This will make your ex absolutely jealous, and will burn them so badly that they will chase you and beg you to come back to them just to prevent it.

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