According to several recent researches and related reports the answer for the title question is right-pitavastatin is better than pravastatin in inhibiting the inflammation condition on HIV carriers and also showed higher capability in other aspects regarding the patients.

Pravastatin, a member of statins, is an HMG-CoA reductase inhibitor against sterol synthesis with IC50 of 5.6 μM, and it’s commonly applied to lowering cholesterol level and the risk for heart diseases thus it’s quite often taken advantages in wide aspects.

Pitavastatin, like pravastatin, also belongs to the drug class of statins, mainly used as cholesterol decreasing medicine by inhibiting the very first step of cholesterol synthesis.

The data that suggested the superiority pitavastatin carries over pravastatin has been gathered from a quite large scale of trial that lasted for 52 weeks and was carried out at the same period in 45 sites, ensuring the credibility of the data. And in total 252 HIV patients participated in the trial. They were evenly divided into two groups, and one is for pitavastatin 4mg once daily, while the other is for Pravastatin with same amount and frequency. Of notice inside each group, a half of the members were prescribed with placebo as references.

Data after comparison enlightened that pitavastatin showed better ability in lowering key arterial inflammation and immune activation markers, then decreasing the risk for other diseases for HIV patients which are extremely dangerous for them caused by the drug interactions.

The further studies on this subject may bring more medical advancements as if pitavastatin also showed great ability in reducing cholesterol and inflammation markers in other diseases like cardiac ones, more patients in such conditions can have a better alternative.

It’s undoubtedly good to discovery a more effective alternative on the basement of present medication. However it will still take a period of time to approve its safety in such applications though it’s already approved by the FDA and marketed.

With the advancements both in theory and techs, more such discoveries will be found, then better medication environment will be a fruit.

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