Life coach, Jill Douka, explains how to deal with conflicts in our work environment more smoothly with the appropriate way of thinking.

In 1997, the day it was announced that Athens would host the Olympic Games 2004, I thought “great, I will be a part of these Olympics”. I had no clue in what way I would be involved and what exactly I would be doing, but I was certain that I would participate.

My dream came true and I started working having increased management responsibilities. It would be the first time that I would be responsible for 160 people, volunteers and employees. Like in any other management role, I faced challenges, conflicts, and all the nice things that an employee has to solve every day. My director had huge experience, having worked in six Olympic Games in the past. Every time that I was nagging and even felt like crying (I have to admit it) from the tension during our meetings, my director asked me the following question:

“How does this affect your operation?”

It was as if someone was pouring cold water over me. Instantly I felt that I was “getting out” of the situation watched everything from a distance. In reality, the problem rarely influenced my overall operation. And every time this happened the solution became easier in a magical way because I could “persuade” the other side with loud arguments that there would be a problem in our final goal.

Ever since, every time an incident that upsets me a lot takes place, I think to myself:
To what extend does this problem affect my final goal?
Try it next time that you get upset or lose your temper over something. Most of the times things are better than we think…

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Jill Douka

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Jill Douka supports people to take action, feel secure and get the greatest value from their future. She is a coach, workshop leader and author, lives in Athens, Greece, next to the sea, working with clients from 3 continents. She is the founder of