I will try to review what is currently available and where to find it. Get a list of free digital channels; Get rid of your cable bill and don't worry about more monthly payments!

People are racing to get television online in droves. When I was a kid, I remember the funny shows we used to watch. Good healthy family programs. I am very concerned about the filth that is being showcased today as decent family shows.

The Internet is a wonderful tool. It allows us to watch free digital channels anytime we want. We are a nation of television viewers. Tell you what?

Take a survey of yourself!

Record the number of hours you sit in front of the tube during a week. Go ahead and give it a try. The number of hours you watch free TV in a week may even surprise you.

We are told that we watch television for at least two hours every day. Compare the results of your own survey with that information. Do they add up to two hours? We already know that millions of people jump on the internet train every day. They have their favorite sites that they visit and maybe they surf a bit too.

How many of those millions are aware of the list of free digital channels available to them? Not many are my guess. It is true that today everything has a cost. However, there is no monthly cost associated with online tv.

Your TV provider will quickly let you know how much it would cost to get additional channels. Of course, the more you are willing to distribute, the more channels you can see. To be honest, you could end up spending a mini fortune on additional channels. It would be unreasonable for you not to expect to pay for your entertainment. Although you can currently pay for your entertainment once a month, you now know that with online free TV you can get rid of that monthly bill.

Also, any free Tv provider worth its salt will have a list of free digital channels. Some have up to 100 channels.

Yes, these channels can be accessed from your home computer or laptop. All major vendors provide you with a manual that guides you step-by-step through the setup process. Generally, no additional purchases are required to get it up and running.

Most have a service area that you can contact if you have any difficulties. In addition, you will need a high-speed Internet connection with this specialized technology.

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