Ranking the websites higher is one of the major goals of the web-designers and developers. Most often the web designers use various backlinks and build backlink relationships with other websites to make their websites rank higher. But have you wondered if is it possible to rank websites without using backlinks?

If you have, then the answer is “Yes”. Mainly, the backlinks are links to other websites or web pages that provide further information or details about the user's queries along with increasing the site traffic. The authoritative and popular websites use more backlinks than others to maintain a higher rank in search engines.

However, you can still do so without using any backlink. And the following ways are the exact things that you need to ensure.

How is it possible to rank without backlinks?
If it is really possible to rank the websites without backlinks, then the next query is “How is it possible”. Well, you can do so by doing the following things.

By providing value in content

  • When you are not going to use any backlinks in your website, try to provide enriched in value, most relevant, and up-to-date content in your website.
  • Updating them regularly will provide you with more advantages.

Focus on the areas of less competition and niches

  • When you are building a website and considering keeping it backlink-free, then you had better focus on the areas which have lesser competitors.
  • Make your website’s content based on the less-used and unique yet familiar keywords.
  • You can hire an SEO agency like Rank Fortress Academy to get such a low competitive niche.

Try to acquire as many customer reviews as possible

  • In ranking the websites higher, customer reviews are also significant as the search engines emphasize positive, better customer reviews.

Emphasize on social media mentions and citations

  • When your website is being mentioned and cited on different social media sites, the site traffic will increase and rank higher in SEO competitions even if the website contains no backlink.
  • So, try to emphasize being mentioned and cited.

Learn from competitors

  • The competitors' websites which always come on the first page of the search engines are worth analyzing if you want to rank websites without backlinks.
  • Analyze the total and average words per page, header tags, etc. of your competitor's website, learn from the analyzation and improve your website.

So, have your doubts about "Is it possible to rank websites without using backlink" is being cleared? I guess so and hope you are no longer confused after going through the above description.

So in a nutshell, it is possible to rank the websites without backlinks if you can ensure quality and value-based content along with the other mentioned things above. However, you should emphasize "link building relationships" later if you want to go a long way with your websites.

There's a saying that the larger the content market, the lesser your success rate without using backlinks. So, when you are aiming to be more successful, you should definitely go for backlink even if it's possible to rank without a backlink.

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