Everybody wants to reduce the amount of time spent working out, and increase the amount of visible fat loss results. Although this sounds like a dream, it is actually possible! However, the catch is that these exercise routines are not easy to perform. High intensity interval training (HIIT) has become a very popular method to help people lose weight regardless of your current shape. Studies have also shown that HIIT is in fact effective for fat loss purposes.

The following are some big differences you get from HIIT which you usually are not able to get out of normal aerobic or cardiovascular training.

HIIT will be able to give you a boost your levels of the growth hormone. This growth hormone is important to help you build muscle, burn fats and carbohydrates. The presence of growth hormones will be able to help you become leaner.

When you make use of such a way of training, you are actually successfully changing your body in a shorter period of time, helping you increase your productivity. The problem with most normal work out routines is that they take forever to complete. Thus, it is more difficult to find sufficient motivation to get you started on a work out which takes an hour to complete, versus an exercise routine which takes only 30 minutes to complete! Some people are also too busy with their work or family life and have seemingly no time to lose weight. By making use of HIIT, he or she will now be able to lose weight too!

There are different ways in which you can approach high intensity interval training. Some of them are suited for those in relatively good shape, while some of them are for total beginners. Regardless, the following are similar to both sides.

You will definitely need to incorporate a short warm up period of approximately three minutes in length.

You should be engaging in an exercise at the highest intensity as you can. This is to get your heart rate as high as safely possible so as to subsequently increase your metabolic rate to burn off more calories and fats.

It is also important for you to have a recovery time after your short burst of exercise. For those who are total beginners, 90 seconds will be a good time for you to rest.

You can and should perform this cycle for as long as until the entire workout length is slightly below 20 minutes. The amount of total exercise time will be increased steadily through the weeks as you progress.

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