In today's world where people are getting fashion conscious day after day, there is a question of various traditional dresses being unconsidered and neglected. This is one issue one should ponder upon if one loves one's tradition to be upheld or preserved. One should ask oneself, “where has Ghagra Cholis, kurtis, salwar Kameez, etc. gone?” “Have we become so engulfed into foreign cultures that we forget our own?” “What will become of our own if we keep on following foreign trends?” These questions will help one realize the position of one's cultural apparels in his or her context.

On the positive note, there are designers who understand this issue and try their utmost level to bring up the stage of Indian traditional dresses and make it acceptable to the current fashion trend. The effort of these designers can be seen in their works like their saree designs and others. There was a time when Indian fashion was taken all over by foreign influences and people would take dress worn by the preceding generations as outdated. Thanks to these designers who brought up new ideas that redefined the term fashion by bringing in various considered outdated dresses in the spotlight proving that Ghagra Cholis and similar dresses are still in fashion.

As far as the question of whether traditional dress looks better or worst is concerned, one should shift their minds on to the rural Indian villages. There, we can see the real India. Young girls and ladies put on the age-old designs of saree, kurtis and salwar kameez. And they look none less beautiful than the city ladies and we can see beauty and originality in them unlike what we see in towns and cities.

Internet also plays a great role in today's world. There are certain online stores that promote Indian traditional dresses. There are ways people can order Online Salwar Kameez, saree and other apparels through the internet and this method has helped people never lose their attachment to their tradition and preserve it at all times.

The above two paragraphs are proofs that despite the threat received from foreign influences, the fashion up-to-date of apparels talked about in this article have been upheld by some responsible designers and people living in the rural parts of the country. It is true that there is a considerable decline in the acceptance of these apparels as the most fashionable but one can also take part in preserving it to the utmost level possible.

Coming back to the question whether ghagra-cholis is still in the spotlight, the answer would be that it is neither extinct nor outdated. It may not be that popular in the cities but it is still being worn by people in the rural part of the India. And thanks to the designers who are trying their best to bring back one’s tradition and also to the internet that is making such apparels available to the people worldwide.

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