Every programmer has a dream of developing such an application that works efficiently and to do it as simply as they can. And to accomplish this task, the programmers must think once about CodeIgniter. Making the programmer capable to develop projects much faster than writing the code from scratch is its major goal. In other words, CodeIgniter lets a programmer creatively focus on his project by minimizing the amount of code needed for a project.

What CodeIgniter can do for us?
=>helps to do the coding more adequately and easily.
=>cuts down the amount of code actually we type.
=>code will be easier to read and update.
=>new functionality can be applied without affecting the customization at all.
=>Small track astounding presentation.
=>Free from complex structures and development
=>easy management with MVC based framework and offers flexibility.
=>variety of developers can work easily.
=>user guide is too good, which makes it easy for any developer to use the whole framework.

Codeigniter uses the MVC approach in development pattern which separates the application logic from presentation. It has has the model to represent the data structures. The model classes contain the functions for data retrieve, insert and update information in the database.
It also contains View which is one of the major function of it and it is the information that is being presented to the users. In other words, it is a web page which is accessible to the users.
The Controller feature plays the role as mediator between the model, view and any other resources needed to process HTTP request and generates an output to the users. For the programmers, controller is just a class.
Advantages of CodeIgniter compared to other PHP framework:
Although PHP has many extraordinary framework making PHP as one of the best programming tool for the development of websites and web based applications. But, CodeIgniter is the fastest growing framework compared to other PHP frameworks, making the lengthy coding process easy and simple. Due to open source nature, it has been getting even more and more innovations everyday, making the framework more result oriented and popular.

1- Minimum Configuration Files: It uses a very simple and small configuration file efficiently to avoid any confusion which give a definite edge over other PHP frameworks.

2- Easy tutorial document: It’s a user guide, this framework contains with it to help its users to understand it thoroughly. The examples are given in such a way that some simple programs can be easily constructed by just getting reference from them.

In coming days, this framework is expected to get more fame and even more features to help the programmers tremendously. The framework is excellent in small track, minimal design, excellent performance and comprehensive documentation.

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