Is asthenospermia associated with frequent ejaculation? The answer, of course, is No. When the sperm matures, it will be stored in the seminal vesicle continuously, and the ejaculation is to discharge the stored sperm. Excessive sexual intercourse and masturbation can lead to excessive ejaculation, but it can only affect the sperm's number, not the quality of sperm itself.

Factors leading to asthenospermia

1. Thermal factors

Taking a sauna, bathing in a hot spring, wearing tight pants, and other habits will cause local spermatogenesis temperature change, and high temperature will inhibit sperm motility. Varicocele leads to local blood supply changes, toxic substances increase, affect sperm motility. Epididymitis and orchitis affect sperm maturation, and the synthesis of related proteins is blocked, resulting in asthenospermia.

2. Infection factors

Mycoplasma, chlamydia infection and prostatitis, etc. can cause the functional decline of the accessory gonad (including seminal vesicle gland, prostate gland and urethral bulbar gland), change the nature of the spermatogenesis process, and lack of nutrients in seminal plasma, leading to asthenospermia.

3. Endocrine factors

Low androgen secretion, high levels of prolactin or estrogen, diabetes mellitus, adrenal gland and thyroid diseases may lead to decreased sperm motility and sperm motility.

4. Immune factors

Some infertile men have anti-sperm antibodies in their blood, which can affect sperm activity. It is often seen in patients with testicular trauma, surgery or biopsy history, vas deferens obstruction, vas deferens anastomosis operation history, and reproductive tract infection history.

5. Physical and chemical factors

Radiation can damage spermatogenic cells and affect the integrity and maturity of the sperm plasma membrane. Toxic and harmful substances such as heavy metals and volatile organic compounds can interfere and inhibit spermatogenesis. Staying up late for a long time, smoking and drinking a lot will cause spermatogenesis disorder and weaken the activity.
The lack of some nutrients and trace elements can lead to decreased energy required for sperm activity and the reduction of sperm motility, such as the lack of vitamins, zinc, selenium and other trace elements.

There is no need to panic when asthenospermia occurs. The focus of asthenospermia treatment lies in finding out the cause of the disease to carry out symptomatic treatment according to the specific reason.

For example, some reproductive diseases causing asthenospermia, such as prostatitis, orchitis, etc., can take antibiotics to relieve symptoms in the acute stage. If the treatment is not timely into a chronic disease, it needs Chinese medicine treatment, such as Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill.

Its effect can reach the focus directly. It can treat prostatitis, orchitis, and other reproductive system diseases and has an obvious curative effect on sperm abnormalities such as oligospermia, azoospermia, and asthenospermia.

If asthenospermia is due to the lack of certain nutrients, take a timely nutrition supplement. If asthenospermia is related to endocrine dysfunction, we should focus on the regulation of the endocrine mechanism.

How to prevent asthenospermia?

1. Try not to use or use a variety of chemicals as much as possible. Clothes taken from dry cleaners should be put on for a few days because dry cleaning agents will affect men's sexual function; sleep before 11 o'clock every day, sweat every day, and try to eat unprocessed natural food.

2. Prevent all kinds of infectious diseases that harm male fertility, such as mumps and sexually transmitted infections.

3. It is found that the testis has different changes from usual, such as swelling, hardening, uneven, pain, etc., that must be diagnosed and treated in time.

4. Avoid excessive noise. According to the data, men living in a noise environment of 70-80 decibels for a long time, their sexual function tends to be weakened, and their sexual function is disordered when they live in a high noise environment above 90 decibels.

5. Avoid prolonged masturbation. It can cause slow congestion of the prostate, leading to aseptic prostatitis, affect semen nutrition, quantity, viscosity, pH, and induce infertility.

6. Don't eat too greasy food, quit smoking and drinking. The testis' germ cells are affected by tobacco's harmful components, resulting in low sperm quantity and quality, infertility, or deformity. Excessive drinking can lead to chronic alcoholism, sperm dysplasia, or loss of activity.

7. Avoid tiredness: moderate work, avoid fatigue, relax mentality, overwork, mental stress will harm the growth of sperm.

8. Avoid steam bath: less to sauna room, steam bath, high-temperature steam bath is easy to damage male sperm, inhibit sperm production directly

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