The future of mobile app development isn’t simply relating to our mobiles and tablets anymore. We’re going straight into a period of cloud computing running Smart-Everything then one in which our smart devices do not simply reside in isolation. Mobile app development for the Internet of Things is going to be even bigger soon, even though current work aren’t paying off however.

With the increasing reputation of Android Put on and the classy 2015 entry of the Apple Watch into the smartwatch market, we’re viewing a move away from phones and tablets. We’ve barely started to take into dangerous consideration the true potential of wearables. However, wearables are but one of the product categories in which IoT houses.

We’ve observed samples of other IoT products such as the self-driving car by Google, the Nest thermostat, the Ring that handles everything, the fridge that reads your tweets or anything else. As devices start to get even more interrelated , the opportunity for software to add value to these smart devices evolves into previously greater. Hopefully, the competition between these types of devices will be mainly based on which has the finest quality software. This is where the future of mobile app development gets a mine of opportunity.

This research by Vision Mobile posted in earlier this year on the state of mobile app development platforms shows that about 53% of hire mobile app developers are working on IoT projects, with most of them doing so as an activity or side project. Mobile developers looking to catch an early journey on this upcoming wave into the future of mobile app development should certainly explore IoT projects.

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