People expect apps to work not just on their smartphones, but on every smart device they own. The invasion of wearable technology has made it apparent that smart thermostats and smart bulbs can tap into an enormous market. Therefore, the Internet of Things (IoT) is poised to have a highly disruptive impact in the mobile application development domain. Mobile development platforms have to be able to create personalized user experience across a range of IoT enabled devices.

With more devices, security concerns become more emphatic. Apps, especially the most well-known ones are always subject to the attacks of hackers. An IoT breach has far-reaching consequences as it has the potential to infect and damage multiple devices. If these connected devices are being used to accomplish life-saving functions, such as in healthcare or law enforcement, a hack can lead to physical damage, injury or loss of human life.

To address these security concerns, a set of uniform standards must be established in order to outline standard security against breaches. Policies for ethical use, surveillance and encryption must take front-seat in these discussions.

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