It is not possible all the time for a person to buy a new dress when it is torn accidentally. And what if, the favourite cloth (suit or jeans) is fastened to a hook or nail and gets torn? Well, this is why the tailors rely on patching- the abracadabra method of ensuring that your torn cloth looks precisely it was before.

The process of invisible mending is one of the ways of caring the clothes and fabric. It is considered as the slow process to repair or mend. The expert hands of the tailors follow this method to restore the textile. Many of them find it to be the magic artwork to retain the original look of the favourite clothing. The tailors ensure the following methods to give a flawless mending.

  • Reconstructing the Warp and Weft

It is one of the crucial stages in invisible mending. This sophisticated method of weaving takes into consideration rebuilding the fabric of the cloth. The expert tailors use a long needle to reconstruct the warp and the weft. They make sure that all the possible warp and weft are picked in the hem. The mending is done exactly in the way as the original weave of the garment. After the precise invisible mending in Sydney is completed, the mended part remains on the reverse side and the torn yet undetectable portion remains outside.

invisible mending

  • Stitching by Matching the Warp and Weft

To give the surface of the cloth an undetectable weaving, it is essential to discover the alignment of the fabric of the garment. The tailors ensure that the stitching they do matches exactly the fabric pattern - longitudinal wise. The essence of great stitching will be only when the professional understands the outline of how the garment has been woven.

  • Choosing the Right Colours of Threads

The texture of the threads should match with the fabric. The tailor should take care of the fact that irrespective of the colour of the garment, the magic weaving should be such that the colour of every warp and weft must match with the thread. Any mismatch is always going to end up in the worst finishing.

  • Selecting the Right Kind of Thread

Another essential element to take in consideration in the case of magical knitting is to ensure that the thread that is to be used for weaving matches just according to the original fabric of the cloth. The expert tailors carrying out the efficient clothing alterations in Sydney stress on selecting the right kind of threads. Any characteristic mismatch of the thread is always going to mess the overall finishing.

  • Opting the Right Stroke of Stitch

The stitch needs to be such that it must not bulge out of the cloth surface. It is; therefore, the tailors ascertain that proper methods of moving the needle should be followed. It should be taken care that the threads pop out from the periphery of the torn or burnt surface evenly.


This type of weaving has helped many people not to lose their favourite dress. The tailors take all the possible steps to make sure that the result is flawless matching perfectly the original one. It is indeed an ABRACADABRA of stitching.

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The author owns a large tailoring shop and has the team of technicians proficient in dealing with flawless clothing alterations and invisible mending in Sydney.