Over 80% of the populace will experience the ill effects of lower back pain during their lives. In spite of the fact that the term 'back pain' is frequently utilized as a sweeping assertion, indications come from a wide range of conditions like herniated or deteriorated circles or Sciatica. Despite the fact that conditions differ by singular, all back pain victims make them thing in like manner: needing to assuage back pain.

For more than 3,000,000 individuals around the world, that alleviation has come as a FDA Registered 510(k) Medical Device that assists with decompressing the spine and stretch supporting muscles. The Teeter Inversion Table is demonstrated for the accompanying conditions:

Back Pain

CAUSE: The reasons for back pain are many, however regularly brought about by delicate tissue harm from spinal misalignments, tense muscles, or a feeble center. Effect exercises and day by day life under the unavoidable power of gravity cause pressure of the springy plates between the vertebrae in your spine. As the circles lose dampness, the space between each joint strait and the possibility of squeezing nerve roots increments.

SOLUTION: The Teeter Inversion Table enables the body to decompress, utilizing your own body weight and gravity to prolong the back, loosen up tense muscles and ease back pain. Since it decompresses utilizing similar powers that pack the back while upstanding, this characteristic type of foothold is agreeable and can be handily done in your own home.


CAUSE: The pressure of the sciatic nerve causes the painful side effects, yet ordinarily has a fundamental reason. Regular reasons for sciatic nerve pain are herniated circles, bone spikes on the spine, or degenerative plate sickness in the lower back, conditions which pack the nerves that leave the spine.

SOLUTION: Less weight implies less pain. Regularly decompressing on a Teeter can open up those joints and ease the heat off the nerves to mitigate sciatica and related back pain. A distributed fundamental pilot study performed at the Newcastle Hospital1 in the United Kingdom analyzed two gatherings of patients experiencing Sciatica that were booked for lower back medical procedure. While the two gatherings got non-intrusive treatment for 30 days, one gathering utilized a Teeter every day also. Toward the fruition of the examination, the individuals who utilized the Teeter indicated a 70.5% decrease in the requirement for medical procedure!

Spinal Degenerative Joint Disease

CAUSE: Like the plates in your spine, the ligament in joints pad issues that remains to be worked out them from granulating together. This joint infection makes ligament erode and get aroused, prompting painful indications like solidness, flimsiness, joint lockage and even disfigurement. These side effects cause uneasiness and loss of versatility that can carry your life to an end on the off chance that they go untreated.

SOLUTION: Decompression helps in joint oil by adjusting the weight and pull powers inside the joint, assisting with animating the synovial liquid that sustains the ligament and upgrades stun ingestion. Assembly through development and extending can likewise help improve joint wellbeing by fortifying encompassing tendons and muscles. Solid tendons and muscles uphold your joints and are essential to shielding yourself from injury.

Back pain has many causes, but Teeter can be your one solution

Spinal decompression utilizing Teeter Inversion Tables is a characteristic method to help ease back pain and a significant number of the hidden causes: compacted plates, spinal misalignments, frail and tight muscles, thus substantially more! Trust Teeter to calm back pain at its source as it is the main Inversion Table brand that is outsider quality and security ensured and 510(k) enrolled with the FDA!

Does the Teeter FitSpine Inversion Table Work?

The Teeter FitSpine works by utilizing what's called spinal decompression to improve the strength of your back and spine.

Think about this – from the second you awaken and get up, gravity is pushing down on your whole body. We've become used to the power of gravity so we don't see it, however the entire day your vertebrae are being pushed down into one another alongside the heaviness of your body which the spine supports and holds upstanding.

Gravity is compacting the spine. This is the reason a few people find back pain alleviation just when they set down or lean back at specific points. It incidentally prevents the pressure from gravity and the heaviness of your body.

Yet, we can show improvement over halting pressure. We can really utilize gravity to decompress the spine utilizing an inversion table.

Spinal decompression has been broadly examined and discovered to be successful for some patients. One study found that "pain scores" (positioning how much pain on a scale from 0 to 10) diminished by 4.5 after standard spinal decompression!

Another examination found that patients doing active recuperation and utilizing a Teeter inversion table 3 times each week decreased their requirement for medical procedure by 70.5% contrasted with non-intrusive treatment alone.

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