An intuitive empath is a unique entity who has highly developed powers of emotional, mental, spiritual and overall energetic sensitivity. He is a person who was born with distinctive variations in the central nervous system. This means how the brain is configured and how the nervous system works in the body. This has not yet been considered and quantified by science. Instead it is being brought into view by individuals who are becoming self-aware of these character and who explore this occurrence through ingenious and intuitive outlets. The general indicator for this form of individual is a high degree of overall sensitivity. Intuitive empaths are often very affectionate in character and expression, great listeners and counselors. They are fond of helping others and often putting their own needs aside to do so. In the same breath, they can be much the opposite. They may be calm, inhibited from the outside world, loners, dejected, disturbed, daydreamers, or even self-absorbed. They may even appear ignorant. Some are very good at blocking out others and that's not always a bad thing, at least for the learning empath struggling with a stream of emotions from others, as well as their own feelings.

Intuitive empaths are driven by deep connections that are largely unconscious. Most of what an empath senses or cannot be confirmed straight away which creates a dreadful psychic argument for the individual. The over abundance of factual and probable stimuli are frequently overwhelming. Any area filled with disharmony creates an uncomfortable feeling in an empath. If they find themselves in the middle of a disagreement, they will attempt to mend the situation as fast as possible, if not avoid it all together. If any unkind words are expressed in protecting themselves, they will likely resent their lack of self-control, and have a preference to peacefully resolve the problem quickly.

People from varied cultures and even animals are attracted to the warmth and authentic compassion of intuitive empaths. Not considering of whether others are conscious of one being empathic, people are drawn to them as a metal object is to a magnet. They are like beacons of light. Even complete strangers find it easy to converse to empaths about the most private things, and before they recognize it, they have poured out their hearts and souls without intending to do so intentionally. It is as though on a sub-conscious stage that person knows instinctively that empaths would listen with compassionate understanding.

The most difficult facet of being an intuitive empath is that the majority of them have no idea how to handle it. They don’t know how to turn it off. They don’t know how to use it efficiently to achieve something productive. Some of them don’t even know that we have it. They just think they are strange and have random mood swings and tired spells. Drenched with all the extrasensory and emotional static that other people give off, intuitive empaths are the world of the psychic sponges. Being an intuitive empath is one of the most common and most tough of all the psychic gifts.

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Jill Magso is a member of the Silva Team and contributes to spreading enlightened ideas and sharing teachings about meditation practices. The Silva Method encompasses a variety of powerful exercises that take you deep into Alpha and Theta levels of the mind so that you can work within your subconscious as well as your conscious mind.