What Are T-Tops And Leaning Posts?

A boat T-top is one of the most important protective structures you can have on your boat. While out in the water you and your passengers on board will be exposed to very harsh environmental conditions. It is then you would feel the need to be sheltered from these adverse conditions. Most of the models available in the market are to be fixed covering the center consoles area. Generally they are about 50 inches in width and are made of a stainless steel or aluminum frame with a fabric or hard top covering.

Another important safety structure to have on your boat are leaning posts. These too come in various designs and are often seen in boats with center consoles. Like in T-tops the structure is built to be firm through the use of anodized aluminum or stainless steel. In most of the models released by reputed manufacturers, extra care is taken to weld the joints together for maximum safety. If the boat comes in a smaller size, a low profile leaning post is chosen and to cover higher areas multiple leaning posts are often fixed.

Benefits Of These Marine Accessories


Apart from providing shelter and protection to the passengers on the boat, boat T-tops provide protection for the important controls of the boat. The UV blocking capabilities therefore play an important functional role. In addition to the added functional benefits your boat would receive, a well-fixed boat T-top would add value to your boat and contribute to an increase in its resale value as well. There are some structure which have foldable waterproof shades which come in very handy in the instance it rains. By fixing such a structure to your boat, the height added increases the stability of the otherwise low profile of the boat while in motion.

Lean post

The major advantage received by fixing a lean post on your boat is that you and your passengers on board will have a stable structure to lean on for support while sailing through rough waters in your vessel. Furthermore, it gives you a good point to stabilize yourself when trying to feel in a rather large catch. It even allows you to rest your arms when you have to spend extended periods of time holding onto your fishing rod, waiting for a catch. Due to the versatility of the structures you can find a suitable model to match the space allocation on your boat.

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