Now there is a convenient means for picking up trash and keeping your surrounding clean. You don’t have to spend hours working up your daily chores. Avoid excessive stretching and bending to pick up trash. No need to kneel down to retrieve tiny objects that fell off the table and rolled into an inaccessible corner. Grapplers Inc offers the best extended reach tools and portable trash pickup tools to help you extend your arms reach and complete all your cleaning tasks quickly and conveniently.

Introducing the Grappler – An Extended Reach Pickup Tool
Made in the US, using top grade aluminum, the Grappler features a strong, yet extremely lightweight body that is invulnerable to rust and can be used in subzero weather conditions. Appreciated by both domestic and commercial users as a versatile pickup tool, the Grappler comes in various sizes - ranging from 24 inches to 96 inches long. While most domestic customers settle for the 33”, 40”, and 48” Grapplers, professionals and technicians across various industries prefer the 72” and 96” Industrial Grade Grapplers.

Grappler extended reach pickup tools are extensively used by DOT employees, auto-store professionals, bird-keepers, firms offering gardening services, and many organizations carrying out mass-scale cleanup operations. Grapplers function based on simple trigger mechanism that delivers an astounding squeezing force of upto 17 pounds, offering a good grip on the objects picked up. Plastic-coated aluminum cups provided for picking up trash are sharp and wide for conveniently picking up objects ranging from a milk bottle to something as tiny as a matchstick.

Moreover, all Grapplers come with a Lifetime Warranty, thus offering you a permanent solution. Simply ship back the damaged Grappler and we will promptly repair or if required, replace it with a brand new Grappler. The best part – you won’t be charged a penny for our services; only the minimum shipping charges apply.

More Cleaning Solutions by Grapplers Inc
In addition to the Grappler extended reach tool, Grapplers Inc also manufactures portable trash pickup tools that will help you save a considerable amount of time and curb down personnel costs, if used along with the Grappler. Take the Handy Bag Ringer for instance – a simple portable solution for holding open a 30-gallon trash bag and carrying along, so you can instantly contain the trash you pickup using the Grappler extended reach pickup tool. Similarly, the Handler can be used to stack a set of 5-gallon buckets and carry them along, to collect the dead leaves that you have just cleared off your lawn using the Grappler.

Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed
We offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee on all our products. If you didn’t find it useful, you can always claim a refund by returning the product. But there won’t be any need for that. E-commerce sites are swarming with 5-star customer reviews and testimonials, all of which maintain that Grappler products are by far the best litter pickup tools available in the American market today.

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For over two decades, many community conscious volunteers have relied on Grappler extended reach tools and trash pickup tools to facilitate Adopt-A-Highway programs sponsored by corporations and many such community cleanup initiatives supported by non-profit organizations. Grapplers Inc duly appreciates these efforts by offering a 5% discount on all Grapplers