It is important to keep some interesting conversation starters handy every time. Why? Well, let’s say you’re at this party where you hardly know anybody. The feeling is awkward. The only other person you know is chatting up another person on the other side of the room.

Suddenly, a person makes their way next to you. This is your chance to start up a conversation. But what should you talk about? You don’t really know this person after all… By the time you think of something, the person has already left.

Does this situation sound familiar? Well, perhaps it’s time you read up on interesting conversation starters!

Social situations like the one mentioned above are very common. People aren’t always ready with a topic. Should you talk politics? Should you talk about your favorite show? Or what about the newest book you bought last week?

Read on to learn how to get the communication ball rolling.

Interesting Conversation Starter # 1: Food

A party is not a party without food. And you can always count on food to be an interesting topic of discussion.

For example, you can comment on the food the host is serving. “The lamb they have here is great, isn’t it? I’ve never tasted anything quite like it.” The other person would either agree or disagree.

If they say, “Yeah, definitely the best,” you can say, “I wonder what else they’re serving tonight…” The other person will then have a chance to answer.

On the other hand, if they say, “Nah. I’ve had better,” you can proceed to ask where that better lamb is; and before you know it, you’re talking about odd cuisines around the world.

Interesting Conversation Starter # 2: Common Friends

Another great topic to start a conversation with is a friend you have in common. This technique is a little like comparing notes. Once you have established some sort of common ground, it will be easier to jump from one topic to another.

Interesting Conversation Starter # 3: Have You Ever…?

Starting a conversation with a have-you-ever question is always a hit. Not only does it provide you with something to talk about, it also helps you get to know the other person more.

However, just make sure to steer away from the more sensitive have-you-ever topics because that might just make the whole situation awkward. Stick to the “Have you ever been to Asia?” or “Have you ever seen a Harry Potter movie?”

Interesting conversation starters vary from person to person. Just remember not to push things too far and to not push a person when he or she is clearly not interested in talking.

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