Window tinting of your car is not only able to give a nice touch of your vehicle but also it is beneficial to provide shade to the car during summer days. Do you think the installation of window tinting film of your car is critical? Then you need to go through the below-mentioned processes for fulfilling your purpose.

Pre-cut or self-cut: If you did not do window tinting ever, you need to purchase the essential kits. It is containing all of the useful pieces required for completing the pre-cut method. Before you start to do the pre-cut process, you need to ensure that there is not dirt and dust is left in the window. For cleaning the window glass, you should use water and soap. After that, you need to wipe off the water with a rubber squeegee. 

  • Measure twice and then cut: Before cutting and buying the window glass tint, you have to assure that you have measured the tape properly. Once you purchase the window tint, you should cut the pieces at least two inches longer than the size you need for each end. However, before going to install, you can cut the excess window tint with the help of a razor. Before going to purchase the window tint, you can contact the experts of car tinting in Seaford for getting better advice in this matter.                                                                                   
  • Installation of window tint: In order to install the window tint, you have to spray the application solution on the glass first. Now you should remove the adhesive back of the film. Do not forget to place the sticky part facing towards the window. In this context, the professionals of car tinting in Reynella suggested that not to place the entire film on the window; otherwise you may face the problem related to bubbling across the closet of the window edge. 

You should install the tint on the top of your car window. It is necessary to leave at least 1/8 inch gap from the top of the window slide. Now run the squeegee for pushing out the air and water. After that, with the help of a clean cloth, you need to wipe out the door trim for painting the window tint.

  • Smooth it out: Once you complete the installation method, you should continuously squeegee for smoothing the bubbles and creases. In order to make the squeegee method easier, you can use hot water. The strokes should be started from the middle and required to move towards the outward direction. It helps to remove the air bubbles from the window tinting film. Next, you need to wipe away the water by using a clean and dry towel for completing your window tinting method.

Do you think that you are not capable enough to accomplish the window tinting process? Then you can consult our technicians of car tinting in Seaford and car tinting in Reynella for enhancing your knowledge on the window tint application solution. Hence, you can complete the installation process like a pro.

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